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How to create perfect crepes diy tips?

Hi guys i just wonder if you have any tip to create a nice pancake/crepes flavor i apriciate all tips you have:)

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I think a great starting point for this profile would be Pancake (SC) (Real Flavors)


I love Crepe SC WF. Some think it does lack a bit fryness which can be achieved with fried dough FLV or similar, but personally i love it as it is after 10 days steep where it becomes slightly fried.

It goes very well with Frozen Yogurt SC WF with many different kind of fruits or berries on top.


Woah, I just read the notes on this. The few who left notes were pretty negative. How would you describe it? Use it?

Edit: the notes in actual recipes are much more positive.


American pancakes and European pancakes (aka crepes) are very different. We usually don’t use maple syrup on our pancakes (as indicated in the notes).
They should not premix these flavors IMO. LB did the same thing with Belgian waffle, immediately taking the Belgian out of the waffle.


I completely agree! I want to be in control of my own syrup choices! I can’t find a Danish that’s not Cinnamon-forward, either. My choices are much more limited, though, than the average mixer.