How to create the perfect milkshake base

Hi guys i wanted to ask for your opinions wich flavors is good to use when to create a decent milkshake vape?


While waiting for the better mixers, may I suggest a few things, @min0 ?

I usually do milkshake based on dairy tfa at 1-1.5%, cream fresh fa at 1-1.5%, meringue fa at 1-1.5% and malted milk or the conc. version tfa at 0.5 - 1%.

Playing around with the percentages for different kind of milkshakes, for instance, chocolate or vanilla milkshake I found need more malt than fruit.

I dont usually use sweetener, but if you like it sweeter, have at it.


Thanks for your kindness i dont have dairy milk i just got milk from flavor west and sweet cream and cream fresh and vanilla bean ice cream and french vanilla i also want kind of cookie swirl in it hmm


I have (had) milk from fw and to me it tasted a bit off. so, maybe skip the dairy altogether and just use Cream fresh fa and meringue fa at 1.5 - 2% each? that should give you enough dairy flavor.

I just realised you dont put meringue fa in the flavors you have… so maybe just cream fresh fa 1-1.5% and sweet cream from tfa 2-3% or flv 1% if you have it. fw and capella is more buttery than milky / dairy (at least for me). If you do want to use your milk fw, use it at 2.5-4%, pair it with cream fresh fa 1-1.5%

Add vanilla bean ice cream or french vanilla just to add some vanilla taste.

When you got your milkshake base right, then adding anything on top of it would be easier.


I’ve typically used a combination of Dairy Milk (TPA) (or Malted Milk if I want more of a Malty shake profile), Milkshake Base (VTA) and either Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Cap), Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) or French Vanilla Ice Cream (Hangsen).

Then just work out the percentages according to your palate. I mostly go with a 1-2-3 formula.


Yeah, that Milkshake Base (VTA) is great stuff, a must for any milkshake. Have you ever tried the Molinberry Milkshake? I just got it a couple of days ago, still need to give it a try.


I have not tried it. Let us know after you test it.


@min0, @Skullblade789 was on to something with this one…


TZ and @mjag what percent are you using the MS base vta @ ??? I just mixed it last night @.75pct with LB VIC @ 3pct and Cap Sweet Cream @ .5 for a Milkshake base … Not sure how it will be yet


For my Strawberry Malt I use it at 0.85%. Tried it at 1% at first but was a bit much and go down to 0.50% If I want less of a malt effect. I prefer it at .50% for myself but everyone else loves it at .85%


My calculator tells me I have 25 recipes using this - with an average usage of 2.29% per recipe…which is a bit high.
Average mixing quantity for ELR is: 1.3% (Median: 1%)


Dito on the VTA milkshake Base, I use it in all my milkshakes, super stuff !!