How to dilute powdered sucralose with pg?

How do you dilute powdered sucralose with pg as a 1:1 ratio? How many grams of sucralose and ml of pg? Thanks!

Ps: a friend of mine gave me a tip to dilute my powdered sucralose with pg using a 1:1 ratio. But I don’t even know what that means. Thanks


…equal parts.

Simply put:



Ohhh. Where did my common sense go :joy::rofl:

That 1:1 ratio is very sweet to use in a recipe tho.

Thanks for your help


@Kinnikinnick is 100% correct but the resulting sweetener is going to be very very sweet which you will have to remember if you are making other people recipes - your sweetener will be around 10x stronger than sweetener TFA and around 3-4 times sweeter than Cap super sweet which will make it quite difficult to use in small batches.

Edit : cool you noticed - a 5 - 15% would be much easier to use


You’re correct, still wondering why my friend is using that ratio in his recipes. He’s in a juiceline business, so I think that will help him to make his cost cheap?


It would just mean that when he is making large batches he would not have to add as much.


Yep, I dilute my powdered sucralose earlier at 10% solution which is already very sweet.


More likely trying to “hide/cover” up a mediocre or/and linear mix, that in most cases the result of dumping 1 or 2 flavors in a bottle at much higher percentage.

This is a generic and general answer, based on experience with other lines and house lines. Not based on your friends line, since I don’t know the line.

But it makes sure that “most” people might not discover the flaws in a juice, due to the high amount of sweetener…everybody loves sweet, right?

Sweetener diluted or not, isn’t that expensive, most lines make a huge percentage of we just compare the prices for flavors, bottles, nicotine, pg and vg.

So there’s that.


There was no mention of the amount of sucralose used, so your comment is an expression of your frustration with commercial ejuice rather than an insight in why that person uses an 1:1 mix of PG and sucralose. You can use a high concentration and still use little of it. The 1:1 concentration would be hard to use in small batches, but in larger batches it’s A. cheaper and B. allows for higher VG mixes (since it requires less PG for an equal sweetening effect).

Not to say you’re wrong about a lot commercial juice having too much sweetener though…


In my large batch im used to mix with CAP sup sweet and it was 1% to a 6000ml my question is if i do 1:1 ration by using sucralose by comparing it to cap sup sweet if i just used sucralose 0.25% will it by the same to cap sup sweet at 1%

Sucralose 0.25% = cap sup sweet 1%

Please correct me if im wrong i never tried it before