How to find the best recipes?

Maybe I haven’t looked in the right places. Is there a place on here that has the highest rating recipes listed? Seems to be thousands

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You can click on the ratings title and it will reorder from high to low.


Ratings title? Sweet I’ll check it out. Thanx

no prob


Yes, click on rating and highest rated recipes will be listed first. Then, you can click on a name of a mixologist and see all of his/her recipes. You can click to ‘Follow’ that person too.
There’s really good recipes. Read to see if they have flavors you have and like and see if it makes sense. Couldn’t get any better!
When I mix up some juice, I mix a few new recipes to steep and try. Then I go back and rate them and make comments.

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I think I might take some more screen shots today of various features to highlight, I know daath has a bit of explanations around about how to use the site, but its usually a quick overview, I think itd be beneficial to make a thread specifically highlighting how-tos and tricks to the features to get the most out of the ELR features. I mentioned one yesterday in another thread about how to find and view flavors effectively for research and making sure to use proper flavor titles when adding to your stash, perhaps ill copy it into its own thread, and do up a few other things, like in this case, effectively finding recipes you will enjoy easier etc…

This is what I do, if there’s something specific, i.e. “french toast”. Search it then hit rating. If browsing then I hit ratings off the bat like others suggest.

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Although the ratings feature is a handy tool, and I use it myself to search for popular recipes that involve a flavour I am looking for ideas for, I cannot stress enough that there are some other great recipes that aren’t rated highly.i have got in the habit of checking as many as I can to get an idea of what people are up to and looking for that elusive recipe that will get my juices flowing! LOL