How to go back to desktop version?

How do I get ELR recipes and forum to go back to desktop version?

I know it is probably a combination of my dumb laptop with a touch screen, and windows 10 causing this problem, but can I request desktop version from the site itself. It just started being mobile version and it is aggravating because I have no idea how to fix it.

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Well, for the time being, I can get it to work by switching back to “light theme” then back again.

Unfortunately, with the recipe site, It likes to revert to mobile after a few page changes.

I’m fairly certain that’s a function of whatever browser you’re using. Try Options or Settings in the browser then look for something like Desktop mode or Request Desktop site.
Which browser?

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The thing is that I swear I knew how to switch it before, a few months ago.

I just can’t remember that far back.:face_with_monocle:

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Clear your cache(browsing data)? That seems to fix a lot of prob ive had but am no comp geek
Gl to you!