How to increase a recipe

Hallo everybody, very happy to join here…

I want to cook this recipe

but i want to fix 100 ml or better 200 ml…
I am confuse by what way i may increase ml of every liquid and i am afraid
that i cannot have a excellent flavor as the original recipe.

Any advises?

You click the wrench in the blue square and then adapt recipe. When you have done that you can change what you want.
Under “amount to make” you type the new amount you wanna make. When doing this the amount of flavors will change automatically so you don’t have to change any flavor amounts.
Under “desired strength” you type in what nicotine strength you want in this recipe.
Under “nicotine strength” you type in the actual nicotine you have. 48mg, 36mg, 100mg or whatever it is.
You can also change PG-VG ratio to a desired ratio, its all up to you.

Hope this was helpful.


you save many hours of searching :):grinning: