How to lose vapers tongue

i cant really taste my juice anymore haha anyone got any solutions for me ?!

Yea I thought it was just me but weirdly enough I had the same thing today

Here are a couple of threads to read to get you started on ways to curb you vapors tongue! Hope it helps!


Brush your tongue in the morning, make yourself a strong menthol liquid and keep it on hand. this is what I do and it works a charm :+1:


The Cobweb Clearer

Ingredient %
(EM) Sweetner 1.5
10% Menthol 2.5
Koolada 10% (TPA) 2.5
Peppermint 5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 5
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 2

Flavor total: 18.5%

Remember to rate it at! emit the EM if you got it real bad :+1:

cough drops work fine for me… i read about that in a thread around here. if it wont go away with anything menthol related, vape straight vg for a few days and you’ll lose the tolerance to the flavorings.

I’ll try cobweb cleaner next time I have a cold. It looks like it would completely destroy anything that attempts to block my sinuses.


And if you want to know why that works…

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Nice find Grubs! Reading the article, it seems that heat can have an opposite effect. Maybe lowering the temperature of your vape might help. I don’t prefer a warm vape and I don’t really get Vaper’s tongue …I also drink my water with about 25% Cranberry juice which seems to cleanse my palate while vaping

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There is a ton of info on how your tongue reacts to different things for example:

“If you have overloaded your senses, you could try using a palette cleanser. Citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit and orange as well as pickled ginger served in fine dining restaurants are excellent examples. Wait about 10 minutes and your taste buds should be back to normal.”

hhmmm yeah pickled ginger that comes with Sushi might be a good test. You can buy in jars at store


If I’m not deluded, pickled anything will give the palate a nice, refreshing shock.

So if you like pickles, I think they taste effin fantastic when you’re starting to get vape fatigue.


Yummy!! I have a jar of that in my fridge right now. Maybe I should go get some…


1/3 tea spoon ginger powder on a cup of black coffee (at one point i got addicted to coffee done this way and it was a 2x day dose :slight_smile: ) - it’s healthy too … but i add sugar. it will feel spicy.
black coffee (no cream, no milk, no foam of any type) is by itself a cleanser.


sounds great ! just mixed a juice that’s similar haha ! well not really xD ginger cinnamon butterscotch cream. my mouth is watering. damn steeping times !

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Did we just invent a Lemon Ginger Mint Vape? Maybe a little Acetic Acid/Apple Cider Vinegar? or Pyure? (pickled)

Untested Vaper’s Tongue Cure

Juicy Lemon (CAP) 1%
Peppermint (TPA) 4%
Ginger Ale (TPA) 2.5%
Pyure 0.5%

hehe you mean Mint toothpaste?


I have literally tried EVERYTHING! So frustrating!

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Some of it is dehydration. Drink more water.


I suspect it’s not the case with me I drink so much water my doctor thought it was a sign of diabetes!


Roughly 70% of what we “taste” doesn’t come from what our tongue tastes but what our noses smell. This holds especially true for vaping. Hold your nose really tight and vape and you won’t taste much other than maybe slight sweetness or bitterness. Vapers TONGUE is a misnomer. Flavor fatigue as I’ve heard it called, seems to represent a more accurate description of what is happening.

It’s like wearing perfume or cologne. When you first put it on you smell it. As the day goes on, you stop being able to smell it because you’re used to it and your brain stops recording information about it. Then someone walks up to you and says “Wow, you smell amazing!”

So, that being said, instead of trying to refresh your tongue with things like minty toothpaste or citrus water, try refreshing your sense of smell. If you have any kind of allergies, congestion, etc., your ability to ‘taste’ your vape will be affected. At perfume stores, they have jars of coffee beans around that you can use, so you might try some big deep whiffs of some coffee. Maybe some perfume or cologne would work in the same way. Something vastly different to what you’re used to vaping. (Smell it, don’t vape it :stuck_out_tongue:). Vicks vapor rub, saline spray, neti pot, things like that may help, too.


I’ve been there man. I had to actually just stop vaping for a while (luckily I was getting sick so it wasn’t too big a deal) to rejuvenate my nose. I also find that staying hydrated helps that “recovery” period. We put our noses through the ringer when we’re constantly testing these strong aromas, so it just comes with the territory. Like @JoJo said too, coffee beans, and menthol help when you’re in a pinch.