How to make a Monk Fruit And Erythritol Sweetner To substitute for sweetner

Help cause Nude Nicotine is to exspensive. How do I make the substitutes.


Hey bro, I don’t want you to feel ignored. Two things… I think this is already a thread or two. A simple search in the upper right for -> Monk might uncover some aged discussions

Two… I think a Vendor here or a respected Vendor has already made something like this and is selling it, so while we struggle daily to crack Commercial juice recipes, no one seems willing to just hand you this one. Even more likely it’s already been done and has some quirky name on the ELR Home Recipe side

Try a couple words from your own Subject line above in the Search bar, I bet you gain lots of info …and welcome back~! Also Look in the grocery store as I think I just saw something like this for sale …either with the other artificial sweeteners (sugar aisle) or in the Health food aisle near protein powders (no calorie sweeteners for smoothies) but check those ingredients!