How to make bounty bar

just wondering if anyone here could suggest a good recipe for making the bounty bar flavour.
I’ve tried a few times and just cant get it right

What have you tried?

Off the top of my head you would need a sweet candy type coconut (maybe coconut candy tpa) a creamy type coconut (maybe Real flavors sc) a smidge of cream or condensed milk, a milk choc (maybe inw) a small amount of malted milk and some vanilla bean gelato the last 2 will enhance the chocolate.

That would be my starting point -

Coconut (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.5%
Condensed Milk (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.2%
Coconut Candy (TPA) 1.5%
Milk Chocolate (INW) 3%
Malted Milk (TPA) 0.25%
Vanilla Bean Gelato (TPA) 1.5%

However there are already a couple in the recipe site so you could try some of those


Hmm that looks pretty good I am going to mix it right now lol


I tired

milk chocolate % 7.00
sweet cream %4.00
coconut extra%3.00
let me know how you go with that mix
its the first time trying to mix my own recipe not sure how to make all the flavours pop lol

Which one? TPA, INW, FW or a differnt one

That will work out quite nice but you are a little high % on the flavors (well for me anyhow)

Personally I would dilute it down by about 30% ish and see how you go - you will need a candy aspect to the coconut to sweeten it a little the sweet cream will go some of the way.

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Yup it is better to be a bit low on the flavors and have the possibility to add more of a certain flavor or all of them if necessary.

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How about Sweet Coconut (Flavorah) with a little Coconut (FA), then Cocoa (FA) and Chocolate (FA) for the chocolate part - I think that would make a good start on a bounty bar :slight_smile:


It is on the mixer right now it will need a 3 week steep for the condensed milk and chocolate to develop - it will be vapable but no where near ready in a couple of days - if you remind me I will get back to it in a few days - dab test is ok coconut is strong but will fade a lttle as the choc and creams come in

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Clue me in, what is a bounty bar?

This would be the bounty bar in matter.

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So like a candy bar or granola type?

It’s delicious :slight_smile: Just milk chocolate and some sweet coconut schreds :slight_smile:


A Bounty in my part of the world is a candy bar so i guess that is what he is aiming for.

And daath posted the actual bar :thumbsup:


I’m not sure what a bounty bar is either, judging by the ingredients it appears to be similar to a almond Joy or mounds without nuts.

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Nice, thanks. Also love the site. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

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One I made last year, probably needs a little work, but it was very close, I love Bounty bars :smiley:

Bounty Bar

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 2
Coconut (CAP) 5
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.5
Double Chocolate v2 (CAP) 5
Marshmallow (FW) 1

Flavor total: 14.5%

Remember to rate it at!

The American equivalent of a Bounty Bar is a Mounds Candy Bar. While the Bounty is available in Dark or Milk Chocolate the Mounds is only available in Dark Chocolate. They taste almost the same but the Mounds is a bit sweeter and the coconut in the Bounty is a bit more dense.

The recipe that @woftam threw up there looks like it would be a great start. I may have to try it.

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Thanks. I was wondering am o missing something here

milk chocolate is INW
sweet cream is CAP
and coconut extra is TPA
I did put a bit of sweetener in it but still tasted weird

its a chocolate bar with coconut inside