How to make the best coffee extract for DIY juice

I found this on the net years ago so I don’t know who to give credit to so who ever you are thanks! I have changed a few things and I have used this recipe for years to make my own coffee vape. I’m sure you could tweak it and get the extract to drain faster through the coffee filter (maybe just use PG and no VG) but I am just copying my recipe. If you can add to this topic and make it easier go right ahead. Please try it and tell me how it is and share your technic and recipes. Enjoy!


Fill a pint glass jar half full with ground coffee of your choice and top off with your VG/PG base unflavored mix (mine is 80/20 and don’t fill to the very top leave about a half inch of head space). Mix together in the jar just make sure it is all mixed together very well.

Microwave for 10 seconds on high with no cap 3 times taking a break between times and stir. Microwaves very so keep an eye on it and don’t over cook it. The coffee will absorb some of the VG/PG so top off the jar again and mix again.
Set the jar with the lid on but not tight (this is to keep any water out) in a pan on the stove with slow rolling boiling water up to the neck of the jar for 30 minutes. Remove from heat let steep in the hot water 20 minutes.

Remove jar and remove the lid from the jar (watch it it’s very hot!) place a coffee filter over the jar and hold it on with a rubber band. Place this jar upside down on top of another empty pint jar of the same size and let drain for a few hours or over night. Just keep checking the filter and make sure it is not ripping. If you see any issues with the filter just replace it with a new one.This will make a base coffee thick syrup extract.

Pour the extract into a smaller glass bottle. I use an old 60ml glass e-juice bottle. And store in a cool dry place. Not sure what shelf life would be but it’s easy to make so I never use it past 60 days.

I use this extract at a 10% mix (you may want to start at 5%) with an unflavored base VG/PG.
This makes the best and a better true coffee vape than I have ever bought. You can also add other flavors to make it just like the cup of coffee you drink in the morning.
P.S. I am sure you could scale this down to make a small batch to start out with. Try a 60ml bottle only 5sec in the microwave 3 times and only 20min on the stove and 20min steep.