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How to mix a shake & Vape for a POD SYSTEM?


Hello to all.

I have buyed a Flavor Shot(Shake & Vape) from Five Pawns eq. Magnus
According to the mixing Table for a “Normal system” for 6,7 mg nicotine a need 20ml(VG)+20ml(VG+nic)+ 20 mg Flavor == Total of 60 mg liquid. This is a about 70VG/30PG mix, which is to much for the POD and also the flavor goes away in a POD system.

I Think to use a 50/50 nic instead ,which i can go to a 50/50 mix and also to Boost the Flavor to create a 40ml or 50 ml Total mix, instead of 60ml

any suggestion and comments.?

Thanks in advantage


Do you have any PG?


And the nic strength would be some good info to have.


Yes … Plenty PG and Nicotine levels 50/50 at 18 mg and 100VG/0 at 20mg (both Salt)


I just threw in a flavor at 20% but it should look something like that. That would put you at a 50PG/50VG mix with a 6mg nic strength.

Remeber though, you will not get RTA/RDA like flavor with a pod type system.


Good stuff @TheTinMan, and welcome to ELR @marsias.


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Looks like you know what works for you. Good luck


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I think the above example is not right.

The flavor on this sake & Vape is 20ml for 60ml which means is 33,5% and not 20%.!
I have this problem with most sake & vapes which have about the same concentration.

PS: I have tried the Dinner Lady Sake & Vape and the ready made with nic Salts. in my POD system.

The ready made is Flavorful and excellent but the sake & Vape with nic salts is dull and not so good.
I think that for a POD system the flavor must be twice(x2) in amount and therefore i think to lower the total amount to 50ml to boost the flavor.

any comments?


20ml nic
20ml VG
And 19.80ml is equal to 33% flavor

But as far as taste goes I wouldn’t be able to help. I never mix that high.

I would actually start lower at say 10% flavor and use PG to dilute. But I don’t have a pod type system.


Ive found using 2 to 3 flavors with some sweetnes works well in a pod system at 50/ 50 vg/pg . I usually elimanate the cream flavors and bump percentage up a bit … I have not had to use 20 or even 30 pct flavor percentages to experiance a descent vape with pod system … Heres an example of a pod recipe people have liked .


You have right on this, but i speak about a shake&vape(Flavor shots) from various brands.
The flavor combination is already there.
I think soon the Firms will sell some Shake & Vapes ( Flavor shots) for POD systems.
also i think the to days Shake&Vapes are not for POD systems.


Ahhh ya like one shots right ??? I see … I just heard wayne the other day talk about some one shots he is helping with for a commercial company so maybe in the near future ya … I have zero experiance with the commercial scene sorry but good luck


Shake and vape?


Berry crunch always benefits from a few days steep , but im a pod you can tell its a fruit cereal right away …