How to mix and learn ....? Special way!

Hello Vapers & Mixers.
What you think about, when i have a recipe with lets say 5 diffrent flavours and i make a Liquid of every single Flavour in a extra bottle.
When each of the single flavour are finished, i mix them together to the recipe i want!
Means not from beginning mix all flavours together in one bottle!

I hink so, bacause by this way i can test each Flavour on his single smell, bevor i mix them all together.
Is there a backside, or is it a good way to test the smell of single Flavours. If i mix the receipe direktly, i cant smell, how is the single alone.
And when you want create your own recipes, its important to know the smell of each single flavour, or?


I love mixing combos of my single flavor testers if I think they’ll pair well.

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Hmm interesting would like someone to shed some light on this too. I mean you def wouldn’t want to get everything to single flavor % s and have 5 dif flavors at those percents that would not turn out well. Testing things separately is def a great idea though. Can’t wait to see what this thread comes up with!


It’s good to try single flavors to learn how they smell and taste, and to find out how long they need to steep. After that, making mixtures of them would give you some experience of which flavors go well together.

But, if you came up with a good mix it would take extra work to calculate the percentages to make a normal recipe, where you mix the flavorings in the usual way (2% of cream, 7% of strawberry, and so forth).

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Yes, i think is a long way to get a good Mixer! ( I have not test 80% of my Flavours as Single! I read recipes to help)
But i can make Bases, like (Cookie, Cheesecake, Cream. etc.)-Base? To make quickly, a good yummi Cheesecake-Juice! based on myr Cheesecake-Base!


I am a full blown, card carrying tank mixer. The only difference is, I do it with tobaccos.

I have 6 Hangsen ‘base tobaccos’ that I choose from, to start. Then there are 10 or 12 what I call ‘complimentary’ tobaccos, that are very good, but not what I’d consider a single flavor, all day vape, like the 6 bases. All of the above are in 30 ml bottles.

Then there are a dozen or so ‘regular’ single flavor mixes, in 15 ml bottles, like maple, toasted marshmallow, caramel, sweet coconut, etc, for times when a little sweetness needs to be added.

Everything is mixed as I would a regular recipe. 60/40 vg/pg, .4 mg nic, and 3 to 5 % flavoring.

I also have some conventionally mixed recipes, that are always mixed ‘normally’ that are always on hand.

More often than not, when it’s time to fill a tank, I’ll usually spend a minute and look over the selections, and decide what sounds good. It will usually end up:

3 eyedroppers of tobacco base A
1 eyedropper of complimentary A
1 eyedropper of complimentary B
Then maybe 1/3 eyedropper or so, of a sweetener or a little DNB or whatever.

I have 2 / 30 ml bottles of my ‘top dozen’ (or so) single flavor mixes (base & complimentary). One 30 ml bottle that I pull from, when tank mixing, and one steeping. The way I tank mix, a 30 ml bottle may last 2 or 3 months. When the one I am pulling from gets down to 5 ml or so, I mix a fresh 25 ml in, put it in the steep rack, and rotate in the new 30 ml bottle that has been steeping. When I rotate in the new bottle, it typically has 2 or 3 months steeping under it’s belt.

It’s a convoluted, bass-ackwards way, but it just works for me. I’ve learned over time, what all my flavors ‘are’ as single flavor mixes. That gives me a pretty good idea of what goes with what. Every tank is a new adventure, a bit of an experiment. I never know exactly how a ‘tank mix’ is going to turn out, but they always turn out good.

I can, and do mix ‘conventionally’ for consistency with certain recipes. I just have so much fun winging it. I’ve never mixed fruits, desserts, bakery, custards, ect. Maybe my style wouldn’t work for that. It sure kicks ass for tobaccos though…lol.


Exactly how i started mixing when i bought my first mini protank lll… bought a bucket load of 5ml combo sample packs and there wasn’t one stand-alone flavour i was really taken with, so… I’d mix (in tank) a little pineapple with some peach and cherry or whatever. then i discovered that the complimentary bottle of cream they sent me- while on it’s own was way too much flavour- mixed superbly with all of the fruit flavours and with 1/2 %age of what i would mix with the fruit most of the tobacco flavours also. I still do this to a small degree when i get tired of the flavours i’m vaping and I’ll either add some concentrate to the tank or start toping up with the next mix i want to vape… interesting :nerd:… a few days ago added a few drops of dbl choc into the tank to a unicorn milk clone i was vaping… not too bad… a few drops of vanilla and i’d have a neapolitan :yum: :laughing::laughing::laughing:


In the morning, I’ll top off the tank before heading to work. There’s usually some of yesterday’s mix still in it. I just add whatever combo sounds good, to it, pop in a fresh battery and go. I’m never disappointed.

There’s a guy at work that vapes tobacco also. The first time we bumped into each other, outside, we tried each others vape, and he went nuts. I think mine was Highway & Gold Ducat combo. His was a B&M commercial juice (blah). He asked if I sell mine, and I said no, but I’ll do you one better, and tell you how to make your own, cheaply.

I composed an email that had links to everything, Links for scales, nic, pg/vg, flavoring vendors, other supplies. I gave him the ELR page and beginner forum links, and strongly suggested he read everything he could there. He hasn’t jumped in fully. He gets his pg/vg & nic pre mixed, and uses volume (syringe) to add his flavors. Highway with a little peach is his favorite. Every time he orders a fresh batch of Highway, he adds 1 new tobacco to his order, and plays around with the combos a bit. He said scales are in his future. He’s happy as hell with the results. Said it blows the doors off of any of the B&M tobacco mixes he’s tried. He’s saving a bunch of money, and loves experimenting with tobacco combos. He’s on his way.

He said it was the biggest improvement in his vaping experience that he’s had, since starting vaping a year ago. He thanks me every time we bump into each other. That makes me feel better than pocketing $20 selling him a bottle of my stuff.


My very first buy- apart from the complimentary 20ml bottle i got with my mini protank lll kit- was a 5ml combo 10 pack of tobacco flavours… wasn’t overly fussed on the Mild Seven but found it a good one to add 10 or 20% to the other tobaccos I had… we, as yet, don’t get a broad range of tobacco flavours here in Oz tho once I get a list together to make it worth while paying the freight i’ll place an order OS and add some more tobacco flaves to my arsenal. Perique Black is nice if you like a dense, fermented tobacco flavour that seems to naturally have a slight sweetness to it… my favourite tobacco flavour so far


In my long winded way, I was encouraging @Zugmaschine to experiment. Make the single flavors, get to know them. Find out if in his eyes (tastebuds), the flavors accurately represent the flavors he’s expecting. Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines a bit. The recipe doesn’t have to pass anyone’s test, but his own.

It’s pretty rare that I find a tobacco flavor that’s unusable. It’s just a matter of finding out what other tobacco(s) it works with, and at what percentage. Like your Mild Seven. You probably found a tobacco that it works with, to bring out it’s good qualities. In your situation, where you have to choose your flavors wisely because of the shipping costs, it’s even more important that you find combinations that work. Five single flavors, could become 15 good flavors for your arsenal when they are mixed in various combinations and percentages. You’re getting the most bang for your buck. :+1:


The only thing there is you won’t be tasting each flavor at the strength it will be in your mix unless you mix it at the level of the recipe, then you might as well mix em all together. In the beginning you might want to mix a bunch of single flavor juices to get to know how each stacks up by itself. I think I would go more the route to mix large bottle of the flavor combo (after checking each flavor of course) And mixing up a bottle of base mix using you preferred VG/PG ratio (don’t forget to allow for the nic and the flavors content whether it be PG or VG) then all you have to do is mix base, flavor and nic shake and go for it. Well unless you consider steeping.


@d_fabes – try mixing a tankful of next day’s juice the night before. I’ve noticed that when I tank-mix, the combo almost always tastes better later in the day after the juices have had a chance to mingle. It’s not really steeping, more of a melding thing.

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Great point, and I agree 100% Max. I know exactly what you mean. When (if) I think ahead, and load up the night before, it is better. I need to force myself to do that. It’s true, when I load up that morning and head to work, the vape gets better as the day goes on.

@Zugmaschine – Here’s something for you: have you heard of the 100 drops testing method? This is where you mix a small batch, one drop at a time, with each drop standing for 1 percent of flavoring.

Example, testing a fruit mix:
4 drops Honeysuckle
4 drops Pear
4 drops Strawberry
1 drop Lime

This is a total of 13 drops (13%) of flavoring.
You would then add 87 drops of base (VG and PG) to complete the mix.
This would make about 3ml total mixture.

The proportions are only approximate, of course (drops aren’t that accurate or uniform), but it should tell you if the flavors will work well together.

(Hey kids, can anyone guess the recipe the example was taken from?)


Yes, is a good idea …