How to recover this batch …

I made a birthday cake batch of juice.
The flavours were in the “other” column instead of the PG column. I reran the numbers after noticing the flavour somewhat bland for the amount of 5 :star: reviews. My mixed batch has 268ml of PG diluting and it should of only had 190ml on top of the flavours.

So… it’s slightly under flavoured. Is there a simple work around to get the extra flavour percentages?

Edit: I went to work and figured the percentage of PG is roughly 30% higher than it should be.
I tweaked my numbers on the recipe for overall ML desired and added the 30% there. It gave me the PG amount I have in my juice and a new amount of flavours to add. My mix will be less than 80/20 now but I can tweak that.


Sounds like you solved the problem. I’ve miscalculated or made mistakes similar to yours. I go back to the recipe side calculator and input the correct pcts. Then calculate the difference I have to make up for. That’s one way.


40% more would be correct (not 30%). So just add 40% more of everything else.


@CottonFire what a cool name. I love it.