How to reduce the acidity effect

Hello Friends,

I have been into e-juice DIY since october 2016 and have churned out 5 to 6 batches of e-juice, some of these are giving me that acidity feeling when I vape on that juice for the whole day…and this is not just one juice but 3 to 4 juices of different profiles… one of them is enlisted below

Wishy’s Vanilsauce
- by Wishkr, Nov 11. 2016, 12:47

Nicotine juice 100 mg (100% PG) 6ml (6%)
PG dilutant 4ml (4%)
VG dilutant 65ml (65%)
Horchata Smooth (TPA) 5ml (5%)
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 10ml (10%)
Vannila Bean 10ml (10%)
Total quantity 100ml
So my question is how do I get rid of that acidity effect…Thank you in advance.

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Not sure what vanilla bean is perhaps vanilla bean ice cream?

But have you looked at the % you are using as a possible cause they seem pretty high


what i thought when i saw the % is the flavoring was high, as well Woftam. Perhaps u can put those flavors in the what can i make, search by flavors, highlighting just those, The mix appears to be common and u can see what kinda #'s others have used in similiar mixes.

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I find Smooth and my preference Saline can reduce the acidity in a mix. Both leave just the flavour but reduce or remove that sharpness/harshness from the mix.

Different mixes will need experimenting with to find the right level for your mix, as too much will start to mute the flavours as well.

I use the saline between 0.5% - 1.5% depending on how acidic the mix is.

I am sure there are other ways to reduce this effect in mixes as well and will keep an eye on this thread for other ways to do this as well hopefully from mixers, as I am not keen on what I call throat burner vapes. also…


I feel that 25% flavors is on the high side and i think that you could lower the percentages a bit and end up around 18% if you wanted.

Beside the acidic effect you mention, how is the mix otherwise?
Is it a in your face kinda thing flavor wise or is it kinda bland?

I associate acidity with berry and lemon flavors.

When you say acidic, do you mean burning sensation? You may have developed a sensitivity to the PG, or your nicotine may be a little high if you are sub ohm vaping.

You can replace the PG with Distilled Water and that will smooth it out. I’m also seeing you are using 25% flavoring and that is a lot. Vanilla Swirl I personally have to use sparingly, no more than 3%.

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Thanks for the reply…
I know or rather realized later that the percentage of flavor in that mix is high. And have now come down to 12% max in any juice I make. Thanks for that tip

Now you say I can use distilled water instead of pg… But my question is… Will water play the role of flavor carrier as good as pg (in fact I would love to replace pg with distilled water)

Waiting for your reply. Thank you

Thank you Fenrir for the reply
Point Noted on reducing the percentage of flavor

The mix is dominating… When I vape, after the third puff I feel vanilla getting coated all over my throat. But it’s sweet enough on taste… But after a day of vaping on this mix… In the night I get burps and feel the kind of uneasiness in stomach which you can relate to the feeling when you over eat and the gases are not getting released

Now I say I want to know which add-ons other than saline solution actually help make the mix lighter or non acidic…

Thank you… Waiting for your reply

I will tell you my mixes are ready to vape in 4 days and they are very good. I think you should take a few flavors and sacrifice 30 ML of VG and test it for yourself :slight_smile: You’ll see it works!

_Vanilla Swirl (TPA)_

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 2.8% (Median: 2.5%)
Minimum used quantity: 0%
Maximum used quantity: 46%

Single flavor recommendations: 103
Average quantity: 5.4% (Median: 5.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 1.0%
Maximum used quantity: 25.0%

@Wishkr, for me, acidity in the stomach after vaping is always associated with too much flavors % in the juice. some of us are more sensitive than others. i used to get that acidity back during smoking days if i ate chocolate or if i drink anything with milk or creams in it (so it was always black coffee) - since i stopped smoking and switched to vaping, it happens if i mix something with too much flavors.

  • 12% of a single flavor of the common brands (TPA, CAP, FW…) is too much - the other brands are even more concentrated (FA, FLV, INA) - when i do a mix with cream and it’s a main flavor i start with 5%, then add 1 or 2 percent more until i get it right… usually the max is 7 or 8% (example, CAP VC)

  • TPA will always give me an “acidic” spicy / peppery taste. VBIC and VC are also too eggy when above 5-6% (for me). Sweet Cream and Vanilla Swirl are spicy even at 3% in a mix. when i switched to the CAP equivalents, i saw a big difference. no spiciness even if i go higher in % - so maybe try come CAP flavors (but again not 12%)

  • this one i picked from my wife - who doesn’t vape. i asked her once after seeing a lot of “spicy” taste in my mixes about what can remove “acidity” - and she said “coconut”. i tried adding 0.5 to 1% coconut flavor (any brand) to my mix, and voila!! no spiciness. it seems coconut is “basic” and it balances any extra acidic flavor in a mix. other flavors for the same effect that i started playing with are banana and dragon fruit - i always add 1 to 2 drops per 10ml to my mixes if after steeping they’re too spicy, and can also dilute with around 2ml of VG (for a 20ml mix), shake, and usually good to go.

i might have mixed 2 topics here i know… acidity (stomach) and acidic/spiciness taste- but hope these tricks can help. good luck!


Thank you very much… TheFlavorSeeker you have nailed the question with your answer… I used to think… Coconut (which is ample here in India… We use it almost everywhere) is just not for vaping coz we (indians) eaten coconut, dab coconut, drink coconut so no need to vape coconut but now I will use it sparingly to make my juices good thanks

yeah… i know… with coconut everywhere and it has a strong smell to some people… one would say, no not for vape.
recently i was eating a coconut sweet - which we used to have more of when we were young kids - all of a sudden felt the urge to vape a simple coconut & cream recipe :slight_smile: which turned out nice. hey, and another winner is coconut + pineapple. these 2 flavors blend and contrast in a very interesting way - gives a refreshing change from all the strawberry milk, custard or cheesecake vapes.


I find myself adding coconut to a lot of mixes these days it is my favourite vape flavour.