How to start a riot in the pub!

Okay I need weigh in on this topic from all the hooligans out there. I have been watching futball a lot lately. I have been watching Bundesliga and Premiere League mostly.

  1. Not much of a riot starter. Any other leagues I should be watching?
  2. lights fire and runs Best team to watch?

You need to watch some aussie spot mate.

Bit of Rugby League where men are men and padding is for pussies.

Bit of AFL (where the hits are a little lighter than league but padding is still for pussies)

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The Spanish La Liga has some of the best playerson the planet in it. However they are only in about 5 teams. Well worth finding some real madrid games.

But personally I love watching the UEFA champions league as it’s the best teams from all over europe and one of our channels down here shows the main games. Awesome.

I think the International Friendlies are great too as the sides are not nearly as defensive and it allows stars to shine. But at the same point a lot of the best guys often sit them out.

I would defer an expert opinion to the Brits and Europeans though. As @woftam showed our main sports are not Football. Though that is what we call them, but we are a sports mad country, for sure.


So if there were matches I need to watch and look up full games, what would I type?

Nrl Live stream for the league and afl live stream for aussie rules
Most of it is pay to watch - but I am sure you will find it somewhere (i will have a bit of a better look later see what i can find)
These guys look to have a streaming set up for the rugby. Im not sure if it is members only (free) or members only (pay)

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I will look on youtube. Been watching old games.

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Let me guess. Aussie fire fighters run into burning buildings wearing crepe paper suits…like a real man! :laughing:


Lmao no crepe paper is for scrapbooking they generally spray themselves down with a bit of petrol and gargle a bit of kerosene before entering a burning building. :laughing:

Skull did say he wanted to start a riot in the pub lmao


Tee hee! :)[quote=“woftam, post:8, topic:120882”]
Skull did say he wanted to start a riot in the pub

If the thread catches the attention of the right members it will be riot. There are plenty of dudes who judge masculinity by what a man will or won’t endure. For some wearing padding in a heavy contact sport is not masculine. For others shaving without any lotion or cream is masculine. And both types generally have in their verbal arsenal the expression them’s fightin words! Either way, it’s the little head robbing blood and oxygen from the big head. I personally believe using my brain is the most masculine thing I can do. At the same time, I’m also primal enough that if a man wants to get up in my face, well I’ll just have to slap the taste out of his mouth.

Anyway, have fun with the footy stuff. I’m sure the riot will ensue in short order. That said, can you spot the pussies in this photo?

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No the Aussies usually cause the fire wth burning toilet hanging out their asses because they lost a bet.

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Did you used this rugby stream they say they provide premium streaming , wanted to know about that before subscribing …