How to store aroma and bases

So I am about to dig into DIY and was wondering about how to store my bases, aromas and batches.

I have 3 options.

  1. The fridge (Nic goes in the freezer in small bottles)

  2. A kitchen cabinet which have some ventilation to the outside(outdoor), old as **** though, in this cabinet some condensation forms on the outside of the bottles, does this make a problem? Also this cabinet is pretty cold, but maybe not all dry.

  3. Another cabinet which is a bit warmer than the one in the kitchen, but without any condensation on the glass bottles.

I was gonna go for the one in the kitchen, but the glass bottles keeps getting a bit of condensation on it, the same could happen in the fridge I guess?

I just wonna do it right :slight_smile:

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in these 3 options most people would say fridge…

for me… i will not change my closet for any reason… all your bottles and stuff need is just a dry place away from heat and sun… and that’s all…
in general search the forum, there have been many posts about this topic…


So condensation on the bottle makes the cabinet a no go ?
That question I cant find the answer to when searching :slight_smile:

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if there is heat around, isn’t a good option…

The cabinet itself has a little ventilation fan to the outside (sealed off), its an old building, but it makes the cabinet very cold, coldest place in the house beside fridge.

But when touching my empty glass bottles they feel cold… and a bit humid/moist.

It’s cold enough for one of my e liquids to turn cloudy.

I would store the flavours in a box inside a cupboard or draw that is neither hot nor cold.


I want to start diy also but researching first before diving in. Don’t want to dive in without knowing how to float first. Wish you the best of luck. May all your juice be tasty.