How to sweeten the liquids, not burn coils

Hello everyone.

In my recent trials in diy, i tried 2% sucralose solution diluted by me in pg 20% ratio for vape/rda. It was sweet as i like it… But have to clean coils after 15ml usage.

Next i tried Nicsalt eliquid 50/50 30mg and 2% of same sucralose liquid but it was not sweet in Caliburn G 1.0ohm coil.

I added +1% sucralose sweetener in pre steeped nicsalt eliquid and it becomes decent in sweetness.
Again, added +1% sucralose sweetener, and now its 4% of 20% sucralose solution in pg.

This liquid burned coil in 1 hour :disappointed:.
Replaced the coil with same eliquid,but result was same, burned 2nd fresh coil in 2 hours.

The main question is, 1% to 2% sucralose is not doing required sweetness, 3 to 4% is burning coils very fast in my pod kit.

Should is use any other sweetener? Stevia? What is your thoughts?
Plz help .


You could try this stuff. It’s out of stock at the moment though.


Flavorah Sweetness is strong and to me very sweet, I use 1-2 drops per 30ml. It will not give you sugar lips feel like a super sweet (Capella or Purilum for example). SSA vanilla sugar is good too and doesn’t trash my wick. My cousin likes Vape Train sugar cane in her mixes. Should mention neither one of us uses pods.