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How to test flavors as solos for better recipe creation


I agree with both sides here. We all been there, you make something that looks amazing on paper, try it and turns out to be a disappointment.

In that moment you either blame yourself for not having tested these flavors as singles, or you did but never used them in a mix before and they taste fully different than the singles.

No matter how high or low you go, if you throw stuff at it to mask or wash it out, move it in the background or in the front, just doesn’t satisfy you.

There’s always that aspect too, that some flavors just won’t play nice with each other, no matter how hard you try.

I always single flavor test, different percentage and different steep times. Then in mixes im familiar with, replacing the old flavor with a new one too see how that goes etc. We all have our methods.

I personally think, that if I don’t single test, I run in the problem of not knowing why my mix is bad or off putting. If I go by a set percentage, I also never know what that flavor can taste like or being used for, other then the obvious name, if accurate.

In my opinion it’s important to test singles, but it’s also important to know how they interact, especially if a variety of flavor brands are used.

Sometimes it’s just a list cause and just vape a flavor as single till it’s empty, or mixed till it’s empty because it’s just a bad flavor based on your own taste buds and not agreeing with you lol.


Thank you. I was gonna jump in on this but I will just say I agree. I would have quoted your whole post but thought it would be redundant.

I personally do single flavor tests, but I also do like you and test it with other flavors to see how they interact.


I see many recipes at 20+% flavor and really wonder what the heck they are thinking. I’ve even had people say they doubled my recipe and it was “better” :expressionless:

Some flavors do require a higher percentage than others but I think the key is to recognize which flavors are most dominate also.

e.g. Zeppola (FA) is a fairly dominate flavor that will overwhelm most other flavors at a higher % than 2. Unless you’re specifically going for a donut recipe that is.

Point is most flavors can be used at much smaller percents without sacrificing flavor. A 5% single flavor for example can taste the same at 10% so you’re just wasting flavor beyond 5% for that particular flavor. Also if a single is good at 5% then you probably only need 1-3% when mixing with other flavors depending on the number of total flavors used and how many “like” flavors you are mixing.

I single test every new flavor before mixing with anything else and keep a ton of notes as well. I read the notes here also for a general idea of where to start percentage wise.


It’s great to read everyone’s experiences.

For me…I only vape 1-2 ml per day. I have plenty of single flavors I like, and can whip up.

But recipes, they might sit for a whole month before I get at them. So, I like testing for longevity out to 1 month.

Then I know which flavors will fade, and have to put in the recipe at the last minute - before I use them.

Also SF testing will weed out your stash of the harsh or aromas you don’t like. Then they may go from the vape stash to kitchen food use purposes. jello-shots! :wink:

I just tested 1 flavor that was fine on the first few vapes, then my taste buds completely turned off the flavor switch, and I didn’t smell or taste it any more. So that flavor is getting weeded out, since it might completely ruin a whole recipe by turning off my taste buds.


Sure fire sign you used it at too higher %


Never thought of that TY! I’ll give it a go next round.


100% agree…

When flavors go mute, turn chemically wrong, too floral, or you have to add a shiton of other flavors you assume will make the recipe correct… changes are… you blew it by over doing it…

This is why testing from extreme lows and raising up your flavors… will tell you how your mouth is…

then when you look at someone using like 4.5% FLV Mango in a recipe, you can sit back and laugh and laugh at how they are over spending their money to attempt to come up with a good vape… but gosh forbid if you tell them that is over flavoring… ya just might get called “Troll” :crazy_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also… always do solo testing before trying to make a recipe, even a 2 flavored one… no need in wasting resources just yet… give the solos a chance… because once you do know your range and range in manufacture… then will your recipes shine! (or taste so much better)


No, it never crossed my mind, because it was a TPA flavor at 3%.

But yea I guess every brand has them odd ball flavors that seem to mock at us in our vane attempts to try n pry the best out of them. :shamrock:


See funny thing so, to me that isn’t even low for TFA. Now I am not saying they are super potent or/and the best flavors on earth, we all know how I think about TFA/CAP/FA/FW etc. But I yet have to use a TFA or even CAP flavor above 5%.

I never not even as I started mixing have done stuff like strawberry ripe @15%, always been amazed when people say, oh you need to mix this peanut butter or this banana at 6-9%. Yes taste buds vary of course, but most of the TFA flavors can be mixed under 5% (i would even say lower but lets pick 5 for good measure), especially if used in sub ohm devices imo.


Yeppers, Ive tested at high levels. And no doubt Ive had plenty of them perform the same… even strength wise @ 3% and 15%, no change. Some will change and turn against you. But plenty of them NO CHANGE in intensity.

Makes me wonder if there is really a thing as a super concentrate. Im thinking now I can use a TPA CAP like a FA MF Flav and get the same level of flavor.

I will know next round of tests. when I re test all at super low %


Another thing that can make a huge difference is what hardware you are doing your testing on. It’s amazing how different something can taste from one atty to another. Or different wattage’s. Not meaning to open another can of worms, just sayin’.


I don’t know the e-juice industry. I just imagine the millions of bottles of e-liquid sitting in warehouses and on vape shop shelfs for months and months.

Makes me wonder if the recipe creators tested for a 6 month shelf-life or if the stock is replaced and old e-juice is disposed of (dumped) and how often. I always get a sense of bad (expired) juice being sold and a lot of waste.

IDK just wondering.


Yes, yet another thread that has been “bookmarked”. Always amazed that “little gems” can be found in threads like these. I love learning new stuff, especially seeing as I just received 32 new FLV flavors in the other day. Not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone in particular but I think @SmokyBlue has “flicked a switch” in my brain. Don’t know whether to be excited or scared :thinking:


When Real Flavors SC hit the market a few years ago these were my exact thoughts. Purchased a few flavors and after several SFT’s my conclusion was they were no more concentrated than FA, Inawera or even in some cases, TPA.
To be fair I had only tested 3 of their flavors but based on those I call their SC marketing hype.


I’m not sure on which brands you tested, Freddie, I do know with flv, using too much will make them mute, loose flavor notes from anywhere you can think of… and morph… I screwed up big time with pastry zest and it felt like I had a mouth full of granular bites all up in my mouth! Took me over a month to play with that one again.

*speaking of PZ… added to popcorn and a tiny touch of lime… skinny girl popcorn!! :slight_smile:

@Harlan_Grey, true for the most part… :wink:

Be brave, @DardyVape very brave lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I dunno, TZ… I guess I am lucky I opt to stick to one brand… it does make things challenging, but so far I have managed, and enjoyed… too excited for the new flavors to come!! Wish those elves @Flavorah could get them all moving along! :slight_smile:


Been MIA for a week. Researching FLV flavors as well as checking out solo testing vids from Smoky’s friend Chris. When I watched Chris’ videos, everything @SmokyBlue said made so much more sense :relaxed: I mean it made sense to me anyway but Chris provided the confirmation and/or clarification. Great minds think alike! Smoky, there might be a “revolution” on the way, thanks to you :+1: I do know there’s a Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer on the way thanks to Chris though (ha-ha).

Anyway, this post and Chris’ videos led me to researching wickless coils which led me to looking into exotic builds and so on. This got me thinking about SS mesh as wicks and this sent my grey matter veering off in all directions trying to figure out what if I did this? Would this work? Can I use this in RTAs? And so on and so on…

So now I’m eagerly waiting on a truckload of 15ml bottles, some SS mesh and “exotic” premade coil packs to arrive from China. I think I’m getting excited :grin:


I have found, once you find where you like the flavors, it will go for any type of set up, @DardyVape
I will be interested in your findings… so let me know. :slight_smile: