How to test flavors as solos for better recipe creation

I have been asked yet again, how does my recipe look… Well… how does it taste?

If you can not find out what your single flavors taste like, how in the heck can you create a recipe? Will you know which flavor you literally tossed together in say in 4 or 6 flavored recipe, and something is not right, if you do not taste test them individually? No… always test your flavors from lowest to highest… please!! Stop copying the highest rated recipes that might sound good to you, and go create your own. Rule your own taste buds and not someone else’s!!! I can not say this enough!

My notes on this:

My friend Christian and his videos for proof… and note: this works for all flavor companies, not just Flavorah!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


@bradleyb5155 here is your help :slight_smile:


Hello! I am here


which device do you suggest for testing? Because you shave to change cotton each test right? And I am trying to do salt based.


any mtl tank or dripper … beserker comes to mind… there are quite a few out there.


do you ever use a heated stir or hot plate, when mixing recipes?


I have… do I now, no.


seems like it might be beneficial.


What ever you wish to use, and that you think might help, then use it.

Personally with the flavors I use, most all are ultra, do not need it, and… heat can kill off your nicotine.

So do your research well. Ejuices don’t fully steep until the nic is added, but do it your way.
That is why it is called diy :slight_smile:


There’s nothing wrong with using a magnetic stirrer assuming you plan to make large batches. I personally would recommend staying away from anything that heats your batches, although there are those who would disagree with it’s use. If you are still new to mixing you may want to get a few dozen batches under your belt for the experience before investing in a stirrer. My opinion only.


I started a thread In beginners called “A question about heat” you should check it out those guys were very helpful :slight_smile: cheers


Yes, I know. I replied in that thread I think.


This is more so on how to mix what. @bradleyb5155 had a bunch of questions (misc) over a few days, so I bough this tropic out on how to test your flavors to find your own spot. How to make the best juice, is in regards to your own tongue… not mine

To me, that means testing solos first, and know how they will react from low to high before attempting any sort of recipe. You guys might disagree with me and head over to see what everyone else uses… I dont want what others use, I want what will make my own tongue happy.

As far as nic salts etc… sure, there are all kinds of topics on that as well as should I heat, toss it in the microwave or … all of that in the end, is up to the individual. I like to keep mine all simple. matters of viewpoints as to what to expect, or if you are mixing commercially. :slight_smile:


Omg. I so want to do along post. But don’t have the thumb power.

I’ve only SFT about 6 times. So imo, after mixing for three years, feel that I get along just fine. But I have taken my time to learn my flavors, learn about flavor combinations, learned how Strawberry FA interacts with Ripe Strawberry TPA as compared to shisha inw…and so on.

For people like I struggle with sft because I don’t gain enough of the right knowledge. I only see how thenflavor lacks and learn nothing about how it works.

To that end I do a fair number of test mixes. My fav is 0.25%-0.5 cream fresh fa and 0.5-1% marshmallow fa then add an appropriate amount of fruit I am testing.

Last test was with Jammy Wizard Fa as a new flavor. I tried it mixed with strawberry and it was a no go. I was tasting a blue note. Now I’m playing with it mixed with blueberry hs and speeratly grape flv. For which I have very high expectations.

To end that. I don’t think sft is the end all be all. Maybe I am the minority. Easoically when it comes to reading and research which makes up for sft to an extent. But I also dream in flavors and colors.



Using more than one flavor, you really are not seeing what I am saying. Im sorry you struggle with solos. I find more than a few can not, also that their pallets are not as sensitive. Again, not your fault and yet another topic all together. Promise… body chemistry, composition, diet, etc all play a part in both smelling and tasting.

The reason I say do solos from extreme low to extreme high is to find out where you could use a lower flavor in with a recipe and it would work at that low point… same with in the middle, where that flavor is just so spot on for you, you will love it there… and the push it to the max… where it breaks down as a chemical taste, or off taste, or not so like what the flavor is supposed to be tasting like. Adding more than one flavor at a time, you will miss when it does that… :frowning: make sense? Take a ton of notes, as it will help with creating recipes.

Apparently you can recognize when they do not pair up… there is hope and I am going to tell you to keep practicing… keep trying. Encourage your taste buds to wake up and work right. You might be surprised if one day bam and it does work for you… :slight_smile:

My issue is when people over flavor and then swear its the best because they did not test at lower amounts. How do you know unless you really have played with your flavors? Ya don’t. I want to encourage everyone to try to find their own spots… :wink: regardless of flavor company… make it your own. :slight_smile: I have been saying this for years now…

I wont get into flavor waste lol… no not tonight, too late… but think on it :slight_smile:


You’re not necessarily in the minority. I have amassed over 300 flavors and fuck that if I’m gonna SFT all of them. Even still…I’ve made quite an effort to do it only because I know in the back of my mind that it’s the best way FOR ME to acquaint myself with what I’m working with.
The biggest downside to SFT (again TO ME), is playing the waiting game. Ironically I have no problems waiting out a full recipe. Go figure.


Don’t quote me, TZ… but I think @Flavorah atm has 184 flavors… give or take a few… and more new ones coming out… I also have my lab’s flavors too, and yes the waiting game can be very frustrating, and I don’t do just a solo here and there… I had to make a system all my own, and I refuse to mix up solos by themselves. I find “friends” of that one flavor I want, and test them in batches, not all at the same time. Contrasting flavors, or flavors in color groups… once I have things down on paper, and know what my notes mean, it’s time to do it all over again.


Body changes, seasons and environment can throw your taste buds out of wack… your body changes every 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months… by the time 3 yrs comes around, you are no longer what you used to be. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can say I haven’t had an all day vape in 9 yrs… but I get closer every day :smile:


I hear ya on that. I have tons of favorites. But only have one that I chase in the clone game, but they are using a pritory lab flavor. Hence my chase is the perfect orange tang ice cream vape. Until then I vape something different every day and typically just 10-15mls batches.


I do enjoy those orange tang bar cream type jooses :slight_smile: :smiley:


If I don’t SFT, I wouldn’t be able to do a recipe, evaluate if a recipe is good or not, or if the percentages are off, or even clone (or come close) a recipe.
I must admit that I am lazy and don’t do extensive tests, but I do SFT at least to understand how to use it, with FLV or INW or SC’s it’s a must…
How many times have we looked at a recipe and said… no chance… or, what’s that!!! Or tested an off the shelf liquid and said it’s full of sucralose, toasted almonds and AP (pick your choice… vanilla and strawberry??) :joy:
Yes, personally SFT taught me a lot.