How to use PG/VG premixed bases with high VG recipes

Hi, I’m new to DIY, vaping for about 9 months now. I’m looking to make my first recipe and have been browsing the high rated recipes. I noticed that a lot of the recipes have a very high VG level. ‘Problem’ is that I’m only capable of using premixed PG/VG 50/50 as a base (nic is also 50/50). So I was wondering… how would that have an effect on the flavor if, for example, I copy a 20/80 recipe which would result in a 60/40 ratio, since all of the flavors are mostly PG based. Should I consider lowering the flavor % or not? This keeps me up at night, I wanne know :smiley: Thanks in advance!

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If you mix a 30/70 recipe in a 50/50 base, it will just carry the flavor a little better and probably decrease steep time a little. You might even decrease the flavor total ever so slightly. A lot of that also depends on whether you vape on a dripper, tank, vape pen, … You should look at these recipes as guidelines and tinker a little with them for your setup and your taste. If you like a recipe, click on adapt to save it, adjust the totals (mls, nic strenth, pg/vg ratio, etc). Once it’s steeped, try it, take notes and adjust what you think needs adjusting. Please keep it a private recipe unless you really add something new for the community, there are already too many copies and doubles as is.

Just be aware that flavoring is usually mainly PG content, so if you’re mixing with a 50/50 ratio and add 10% flavoring, you’re going to end up closer to a 60/40 ratio (which will become very thin).

If I were you, I wouldn’t buy premix bases in the future and stick to stuff you can easily control yourself. Buy VG, PG separately. Nic in PG generally mixes a little more easy with your e-liquid, but take it however you like it. These small quantities are not going to make a big difference.

E-liquids that are too thin can easily start leaking in tanks or if they’re too thick they might not properly wick and give dry hits. If you have your separate PG and VG, you can play with it until it’s just right for you. It’ll probably be cheaper to buy separately as well.

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Thanks man! I suppose the leaking won’t be that much of a problem, since I can fully control juice control (Kayfun Mini V3). Thanks for the advice, I should probably lower the flavoring then with high VG recipes on the site. I’ll try to look for seperate VG en PG in the future. Thanks again!

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Vice versa if it is high vg it may need more flavouring - this is not always the case though.

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Personally, I take recipes as they are but I’m sensitive to PG, so everything I do is MaxVG. Once I try them, I’ll see if I have to increase the flavor total or not. Start off with testers for new recipes, a 10ml (smaller batches will be difficult to be very precise in your measurements) and see whether you like it and if it needs a little extra or less.

Sometimes I come across recipes that need a high flavor %, or maybe just add a little super sweet or so to bring out the goodness in the juice, but just as often I don’t need to change a thing and the juice is good as it is.


thanks, very helpful. I managed to get hold of a bottle of 120ml 100%VG. Combining this with the premix I should be able to meet the exact same PG/VG ratio as in the recipes.

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