How to use tc-tcr mode

Hello everyone,
Is it possible to use Ni80 mesh coil on tc-tcr mode and how do I set up the mode for that? Using a zeus x mesh rta on the aegis legend by GeekVape? Thnx



Three clicks on the power button will get you into menu. While the light is lit on power click the power button again. 1st menu change will take you to TC-NI.
It takes your wattage setting and turns it into a temp. Mine shows 390 deg F.


Actually it not the power button after the menu it the up button.


Thanks for the reply,
What I don’t understand is the in the tcr menu as you can see in the pic above tcr 040 it goes up to 5000. Where should I put I up?


No, Ni80 is Nichrome and cannot be used in TC. The only metals that can be used in TC is SS, Nickel and Titanium


How does it vape? Cool, hot? You set it to how you like to vape. The software is reading your coil and setting temperature by default. I don’t use TC because I got a tank and can see the level of liquid. I do use it on my RDA’s tho.


It vapes cool, and the temp doesn’t reach 150deg Celsius


It won’t work, the TC-Ni setting stands for Nickel, not Ni80 which is a mixture of Nickel and Chromium.

The way TC works is by measuring the changes in resistance so you need a metal that changes resistance when heat is applied. Kanthal and Nichrome are stable metals, as they heat up the resistance remains close to the same. Metals such as SS316 or SS316L will increase resistance as they heat up. It is easy to see this, build a SS316L coil and read the cold resistance, let’s say it reads 0.16 ohms. Once you heat up check the resistance again and it may read 0.18 to 0.20 ohms. Once it cools down to room temp it will read 0.16 again. TC measures that change and adjusts accordingly, a dry wick and the resistance will rise faster so it knows to throttle down the power to prevent dry hits.


What @mjag said. It won’t work with Ni80. Try it but you’re gonna be really disappointed.


The TCR value is
Nichrome N80 (A): 0.000112 :headbang: Newly Added
Joyetech Format: 0011

:arrow_up:Stolen from ECF

I know a lot of mods TCR settings won’t even go that low.

Like everyone has already said you can’t do it because the temperature delta is too small. Almost all mods can’t do it.

That said, I swear I recently had success doing it on a newer Sevo chipped Asmodus. I’ll have to revisit that whole thing.

Also, with TCR values there are actually different formats in use. That’s why the note from ECF says Joytech Format 0011. It can be confusing. Makers don’t even mention it.

It’s like crossing Oil Filter numbers. Same filter, different number.