How to use the Make this a base function

While I’m not a seasoned veteran of DIY ejuice I have been at it a bit. I’ve been mixing a base of 6% 60 /40 in 500 ml batches and just adding flavors to that. Every time I make a new recipe I just fill in the blanks and add my flavors. How do I use the make this a base feature?

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After you input your info, desired strength, desired pg/vg etc just check the “Set these base values as default” box and the next time you create a recipe those values will be stored
Then all you have to do is add flavors/notes

I have had it happen to me on a few rare occasions that my base values were reset and I had to set them again. But it only happened a few times and hasn’t happened again in a while


Do you nean “Make flavor base”? This lets you pre-mix a recipe in a bottle - this is ONLY flavorings. It’s handy if you have some complex recipes with many incredients that you make a lot. Say you have a recipe with 7 flavorings that comes out to 12% total flavoring - with a flavor base, you just add 12% of your flavor base and then nic/PG/VG :smile:

There’s a bit more on in on WikiVapia.