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Thank you for this!

2 Likes is NOT the site (AFA I could tell.) No flavorings at all, and only a generic 20% off sale…

Might be nice to include a link (and any relevant codes) in the future… :wink:

Also, appears to be a blog.

And isn’t even a valid Web address.


i think this is it, but i don’t trust it.


Looks like you’ve found it. :+1:

I’m with you though. Not chancing it.
Good luck to those who do though!
May your credit cards stay safe, and your flavors be fresh!


something about that sight just is just off. i don’t know what, but it said stay away to me.


Agreed. Seems like something someone threw together in their basement.

Not to be disparaging (or critical of) Gremlin… But even in the formative stages of starting the business (when it really was a “mom n pop” level business), GremlinDIY’s site was more professional than this.

I would strongly advise every precaution for those that choose to try! (ie: definitely do NOT use a debit card)


Why in the name of all that is holy would anyone even THINK of using a debit card for online purchases?!?! Are people really that ignorant of the virtual shit-storm they’re inviting into their financial lives?

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Apparently I am ignorant of the “virtual shit storm”.

Maybe you can enlighten me. I use a debit card all the time. Granted it is a paypal debit card but still a debti card


I’m guessing that PayPal doesn’t have to adhere to the same financial regulations as a proper bank. In the same way that different laws apply to cash advance places, title loans, pawn shops, etc. It’s a different type of financial entity. FWIW, you almost certainly have better protections through PayPal (ironically) than you do through a traditional banking institution.

With most banks, if your debit card is compromised, you’re ass out when it comes to reimbursements (sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’re covered up to a certain amount) with most banks, until you notify them and have the card removed from the account OR in really bad cases, have to close the account all together. It varies. Totally different than a c/c with a bank logo.

Sadly, there’s a TON of uneducated folks running around that make assumptions that the protections are “universally applied” since most bank debit cards have a Visa or Mastercard logo. They only “learn” that’s not the case once the damage was done, and then get pissed off at the bank, because they were unaware of what questions to ask, or are too lazy (stupid in some cases) to read the info packets that are always provided when you open an account.

So yeah. Virtual shit storm for the customer and bank alike when things go down because of ignorance of how it all works, varies, and what does or doesn’t apply to their terms, in their state, etc.


Depends a lot on the bank. Mine will cover fraudulent activity over $50.00, but only under certain circumstances. Among them, they only promise to cover things like that if you notify them within 48 hours after they occur that your card has been lost or compromised. I suppose if you check your account activity every day or two that’s OK, but I don’t, so…

Also, if your debit card is connected to your main checking account, the account you need to write things like rent checks, pay utility bills, etc., it could cause you a lot of trouble even if your bank eventually covered it.

That said, I have a checking account I keep a fairly small amount of money in to cover day-to-day expenses, Internet purchases, etc. If it were compromised, even cleaned out, and I just lost all the money in it… well, I wouldn’t be pleased, but it wouldn’t be a very big deal either. I use the debit card associated with that account pretty freely, because it’s very convenient to do so. I keep most of my cash in separate accounts (with another bank) and don’t really use the debit card associated with my other checking account.


I don’t even have a bank I hate banks and I refuse to do business with one. I can hear the comments now…

My Mom uses a credit union, which I don’t know the difference. When her debit card is used she gets a text message. They are also pretty good at catching people that try to use it. She had to get a new card 3 times in the last 9 months. Lets see, Wal-Mart was one, A local restaurant. I don’t know about the last one, but it seems to me that we are in danger of “the shit storm”

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Well, at least in the US, it’s really not easy to do without a bank account if you run a business or have a normal job these days.

I remember when I was a very young man I lived in Quebec, registered a business there, had my employer write checks to the business, cashed them at check-cashing places for a small premium, and kept all my money in cash. I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay any taxes on it, and that might have eventually led to trouble if I hadn’t left Quebec for the States after a while.

The thing is, it was never very much money. Once you get a bit older and have a bit more money… there’s a pretty real limit on what you want to or can keep as cash, and there’s a pretty real limit to what you can get away with not declaring. Trust me, I’ve had some run-ins with state revenue services and the IRS over exactly this sort of thing ;).

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Thanks for the pick-up! @Dan_the_Man, this is precisely to what I was referring when I tossed the loaded-and-pin-pulled phrase of “virtual shit-storm” Apologies for the hyperbole without explanation. I blame myself-too little sleep, too much caffeine and pain meds can wreak havoc in one’s brain. I shall strive to avoid such postings/comments in the future.


No problem.
Kudos for stepping up and handling it as you did!
(even if a bit delayed. lol)

Dan_the_Man is a great guy with a good heart, and is primarily why I spoke up.

It kind of amazes me how many people honestly don’t know (and in fewer cases, don’t care to know) the differences, and how they apply. But then, part of me really isn’t surprised given the way banks have been tossing out debit cards like candy for decades now. Especially to those getting their first jobs in their formative years! (Gotta train them for using credit cards don’t ya know! :rage:)


I don’t even like to use PayPal directly from my bank account. I’ve always been a bit leery of linking to that holiest of holies, you know? When I do online shopping, I take money out of my account and use a pre-paid debit/credit card just so I have that physical firewall between my cash and the interwebbietubes. It can be a scary place! After all, a site’s security is only as good as their least effective employee(Same can be said of any field, actually…)