HUGO133 Issues

A few weeks ago @AtouchMall ran a sale on these mods so i grabbed a few, they were like 18 bucks each. What i am wondering, for those that own them, is if you are having any issues with them.

My issues:

  • Battery door barely fits with Sammy 30Qs with stickers removed.
  • Wonky fire button, its quite crunchy in several places.
  • No matter what i do every time the coil cools and i go to fire it again it asks if new atty.

This one is BIGGIE in my opinion:

No low voltage cutoff. The first time i used it it ran the cells down to 3.0V and would have just kept on going, the bar on the mod read half full, or empty… So the next time i ran it i watched the cells careful and sure as shit it happened again so i grabbed the same cells and threw them in another one and it would have kept on firing them… And, when doing so, it doesnt show a reduced voltage output on the screen. At least i dont think so, i have to read it in front of a mirror because of my huge nose.

Outside of some other minor annoyances thats it.

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Wow. Pretty serious fail on the battery drain issue. The other issues are annoying enough, but that’s definitely a clincher to me!

Sorry to hear about all the problems.
But I have my doubts about it being an isolated incident, simply because the battery drain should by all practical reasons be a firmware issue. Have you checked the others yet? (since you grabbed a few). Are they firmware updateable?

Great heads up to the community though! :thumbsup:

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Film it with your smartphone and then watch it.


I checked one of the others and it does the same thing. Now for me it isnt a biggie, i have a tester right next to me so ill hang on to them for emergency purposes since they were so cheap.

Not that i have found, yet.

I no longer have one of them there things, reckon ill break out the VHS-C and check it out, hehe.


I have the Hugo 133 and don’t have any problems with it. The battery door gets better with use, careful the sled can nick your skins until the contacts are less stiff. I always pull my batteries when they get down to around 40% so can’t comment on that. TC is useless and offers no firmware upgrades. Great simple workhorse. Now that I have more mods I use the Hugo for dripping and yard work.