Hurricane Dorian

I hope everyone stays safe, has a solid shelter, charged batteries and lots of juice!
My family and a few friends are headed my way, so will be busy the next few days…

The biggest hurricane ever on the Atlantic known. Cat 5 wind guests up to 227mph


Stay safe everyone. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


It is a monsta - I hope that everyone does stay safe and there is minimal property damage (I know the last part wont happen but stuff can be replaced people not so much)


This is true… btw… I do have my nic salts going… broke down about 15 min ago…
there goes my zero nic for a few weeks… weee… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got family and friends down there too.
Praying for safety.


Funny I can’t find it on live radar…:thinking:has any one seen this on live radar?if so can you post the link?



My house and yard just got filled slap up with friends and family… couple cats and a few dogs too. :rofl:

That’s all I could find through the link …not live though…


This is not good.
Not fun at all.
Make the best of the situation and I certainly am glad they got out of the way.
Those cat 5’s are no joke, no joke whatsoever.


Coffee is ready :coffee::coffee::+1: … Im not. :slight_smile:


You’re in S.C. right? Must be a good ways from the coast?


Upstate. Family and friends in the Low Country :wink:


I hope they all get through this safe! My thoughts are with them and all in the hurricanes path. Living on the Gulf coast of Texas most of my life I know how challenging it is.


Just a question for those living on the coast… Especially now since it appears it will not actually make US landfall, does it irritate you that seemingly every hurricane that forms is hyped as the worst thing to ever possibly hit the US? I understand that folks need to know and prepare, but from my seat here in Tornado Alley, I’m reading that this storm, yet again, is ‘historic’, catastrophic’, and many other emotion-evoking descriptors. And yet, even though there is rough weather, it just does not pan out to being the ‘wipe Florida off the map’ scenario that the forecasters wring their hands about for days. Does that bother you or do you even listen to their scaremongering?

I do not mean to minimize the storm, and I empathize with everyone affected and hope for a safe outcome obviously. I’m just asking about the media side because it always sounds like Chicken Little to me.


I think I can answer this one… even tho atm I am up in the mountains… spent more than half my life on coastal lands, all over the USA… It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I went thru Hugo, and I lost everything I owned at the time. I did find one of my spoons on the beach, but it was a common spoon, so who knows? Even tho it may not make a land fall, the effects will be the same as if mini hurricane came thru. So far this storm has killed at least 5 people in the Bahamas, and the damage there will be unbelievable. Fla should be lucky the Bahamas broke that hurricane before it got close, a land fall there, and you could be paying top dollar for orange juice and no Micky Mouse to serve it to you.

Is it a bother, sure… but if you value your life you will use common sense, if you leave or stay.


I understand that for sure. And I am not implying that they just ignore it. I’m more speaking to the hyping done in the press. I’ve heard all those words and warnings before. The one a couple years ago, I forget the name. They said it could ‘sandblast miles of coastline away’. To me, that’s a bit too far. A forecast with models and tracks, winds, surge, rainfall totals is one thing but to say every single time that there’s going to be historic, catastrophic, unimaginable destruction sounds like a broken record.

I see this locally all the time. A storm front will approach with the ‘potential’ for tornadoes, and suddenly the media starts telling us to hide in the basement for a few days. Living here, I understand an F5 could turn me into a milkshake and I accept that risk. I assume it’s the same for the coasters, too. I would pay attention to forecasts but ignore those adjectives if I lived there.


Once you are “seasoned” enough, Phil… you get a feel for things. Even tho techie you do not have to leave… I’d hate to be shot on sight after, for being mistaken as a looter. Like I said… common sense… but then again, that too is rare these days.


Problem is that if they downplay it and/or wait too long, people can’t evacuate and get caught sitting in their cars for hours and even days when they all finally decide to at once. The storms have been stronger lately than in the past 40 years. Cat 4’s and 5’s are popping up each season and it’s only dumb luck that a big city like Houston hasn’t been wiped over. Tornadoes are different. Devistating for sure but they pop up and dissappear just as quick. Usually worse damage than a hurricane in general but to a more localized area.

All that being said I still hate it when they interrupt every station all day and night to tell us about a storm we are all very aware of. If I want an update I’ll turn to a weather channel or watch the news channel at the appropriate times. Damn them for interrupting my favorite shows!!!


True that. I missed Wheel of Fortune the other day because “radar indicated possible rotation” so the weathermongers took over the whole 30 minutes.

An example of over-hype from a few minutes ago on CNN, especially since it is now all the way down to a cat 2. “Guys, you’re still going to die, don’t close the browser!!!”

Dorian is still a dangerous storm, despite its decreased wind speed

Despite a decrease in wind speed, the National Hurricane Center believes Hurricane Dorian’s combined wind, surge and flood hazards are nothing to ignore.

Dorian may even get worse since the hurricane has grown in size, NHC said in a tweet Tuesday morning.