Hurricane Matthew

So far over 800 confirmed dead in Haiti. It’s currently battering Florida’s Atlantic coast. I’m just glad my wife and I decided to leave St Augustine on Tuesday rather than chancing it with the weather or evacuation. The Weather Channel has been showing a lot of the issues in St Augustine, one of which is just down the street where we stay. It’s a river. Here’s a clip from earlier.

I pray for the folks who are still in the path.


The guy says “are you worried”? What a dumbass. When he asked if they owned the restaurant, they should have invited him to walk on over and have a sandwich.

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Not a good day to go sailing. I kept hoping it would take a wrong turn and go inland and weaken or go out to sea, but it is staying right on course.

I am as well.

@SthrnMixer glad you made it out when you did. Smart decision, and glad you had the means to take action. I wish those in Haiti had some way to take safety as well, but that’s a whole 'nother issue sadly.

I fear our own @Beaufort_Batches (among others I’m sure) is right in the thick of things, and I got pretty concerned last night/this a.m. when I was watching closeups on the weather map as it was being followed on the news, and saw Beaufort right there almost under the eye of the storm.

I hope everyone is safe and sound first and foremost. Second, I hope that property damage (where applicable) is properly and promptly reimbursed and with minimal resistance, so that all involved can get back to living a normal life.


I am 9 miles from Atlantic Beach just waiting on the storm to get here.


My thoughts are the wind won’t be near the issue as rainfall and storm surge. I hope you’re in a structure with an excellent foundation with more than 1 level. Make like a rat and get to higher ground! And don’t leave us hanging. Let us know once everything passes that you’re ok.


Right now at 7:40 PM there has been off and on rain and wind gusts but the worst won’t get here until after bedtime and I have a feeling there won’t be one for me tonight. The good news is that I’m not in a flood zone and my house is right beside a golf corse and there are 5 foot deep drainage ditches all the way down the entire golf course on both sides of the housing development I live in. These were put there to protect the golf course from flooding and it benefits me as well. I was told that this area did not flood even during Hugo so I don’t think I’m in any flood danger and if I were ,well, I have a boat outside.:wink: Now about 3 miles down the houses were built right next to the marsh and are always flooding even during just thunderstorms and I hope they took the measures needed if they did not evacuate. I think we’ll be ok and I will keep ya’ll posted.


Good to hear ! It’s getting a little rough here in NC in the mountains we keep getting some of the bands and the power threatens to go out on occassion…good thing I decided to mix a little earlier :slight_smile: Stay safe !


I have a home generator and 3 portables, don’t ask why.


Be safe brother and have a worst case scenario already planned out ahead of time! Mother nature can be one ruthless bitch , don’t sweat the things that money can replace and know when it is time to evacuate!
Thoughts and Prayers to you and yours!


WHY…LOL i’m jk ! I wish I had a Genny but we don’t, we got a ton of other stuff :smile:


Glad to hear the optimism. I kinda feel like you’ll be perfectly ok. Still got my appeals to the Higher Power going for you! Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the appeals Robert, power went out about 20 min ago and came back 5 minutes after the generator started. But this happens more than this sometimes with just wind here. I don’t get it,oh well, I don’t guess it matters.


everything good BB?..did it pass?


Yes, plant matter everywhere, power lines down from 3am to around 1pm but generator works well. No real damage or lost frozen goods to speak of except a few shingles on my office. House was not affected at all thanks for asking…


Great news! Thanks for the update and so glad you’re ok.