Hypnotic Mist

I just got another batch of flavors in. I bought one called hypnotic mist. I have no clue what it taste like or anything about it, it just sounded like something I needed in my little bit of stash. What does it taste like and what can I make with it? Somebody give me an idea please!

It’s a fruity kind of vape. I like it as a single flavor, but I hear it’s really good with Oba Oba, though I haven’t tried that combo myself yet.
As a single I’ve mixed it at 6%. With Oba Oba maybe try 3%+3%…

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how much oba oba do you add?

But I don’t really know :smile:

I’ve tried Hypnotic Mist on it’s own quite a few times trying to place the flavour, I keep failing.
Which is good in a way, with analogs I tasted different flavours as well, it is one of the things I loved about analogs.
I’m using the Hypnotic Mist now with some peach and I think they go quite nice together. I’m going to explore the fruit path a bit further and give it a shot with some tobacco-isn flavour at one point.

Hypnotic Mist 6-7%
Citrus Mix 5%
Oba Oba 1.5%
Sweetener 1.5%
Violet 4.2%
Menthol Crystals mixed 50/50 with PG 1.3%

This Makes a pretty good flavor in my book. Try it at Kingshipvapor.com 20% off use coupon code ELR20.

Sorry, all FA Flavors. And I decided to get original and call it Hypnotic Myst, but you see what I did with the last word. Don’t be jealous!

@Kingship_Vapor, you know that the flavor name is Hypnotic Myst, right? :wink:

BTW I’ll get back to you on your email today.

My bottles I order from ECX spell it Hypnotic Mist. I used to smoke Starbuzz shisha, and I loved their Myst line, so I decided to do my own.