I am curious

Since I’ve always used glass tanks or solid steel RDAs I’ve always dismissed warnings that certain flavours are ‘tank crackers’ and why would I care - cracked tanks are for idiots who use plastic atomizers - cracked tanks ergo, are for other people.

Now, with my necessary stealth vaping I’ve begun using pods that’re almost entirely plastic, but wait now that doesn’t make ME an idiot, because, well because I’m telling the story right so shuddup and read.

I grabbed a bottle of MTS Vape Wizard which arrives with the most recent order the other morning, and though I’ve used it on one or two mixes I haven’t exactly gone nuts with it: few drops per 15mL would be about right.

The question: should I really expect plastic pods to shit themselves with this additive (or any purported ‘tank cracking’ flavour), because I don’t honestly see why or how a plastic tank would do that - plastic can store much more erosive chemicals after all, and I would expect if anything to see a whitening effect on the inside walls of the pods juice chamber - if anything.

But, other than the warnings I’ve seen on certain flavours around the net and the warning at the top of the flavour-list page, I’ve flicked through the flavour notes and seen nobody mentioning anything about it damaging any plastic - anything.



Alright young’un… Here you go again. chuckles

The thing is, there’s different types of plastics.

giphy (2)

If you ever tried to use a household Dixie cup to pour gas into, so you can fill the weedeater after mixing the oil into it, you’d have learned pretty quickly that the cup melts. It only takes a minute or so. (never mind the fact that as the cup is melting while you’re pouring the mix in the weedeater, you’re going to fuck the weedeater up)

Styrofoam (another plastics derivative) melts almost instantly.

And yet these big red jugs hold gasoline for months on end…

The right tool for the right job.

Water is a chemical. (H2O)

So is Methyl-Ethyl-Ketone. (Used to strip contaminates/buildup from helicopter rotors for instance)

But only one of those is safe to put in your body.

Bottom line, IF THERE’S A TANK CRACKER WARNING, IT’S THERE FOR A REASON. The flavor with the warning HAS cracked plastic tanks in the past.

It’s also why the industry moved primarily to using glass (tanks) or metal (RDA’s) for the majority of what they manufacture years ago.

The ball is in your court if you want to chance it or not.


Okay, so I’ll - well they’re basically disposable so I guess it’s no big deal :slight_smile:

Still, I’ll watch them… so far, so good. clear as glass without any frosting inside or anything lookiong like … badness going on.

And maybe, I will not use MTS Vape Wizard in everything, since I haven’t had any major complains from the mixes I’ve - mixed - and liked, so far so adding a magic chemical probably isn’t necessary.


Most folks wouldn’t feel the need to mention it in flavor notes because the warning triangle is already next to the flavor name before you expand it to read your notes.

But even simple searches on our forum return results on the topic.

Daath has talked about it (2015)

I’ve talked about it (seeing it on syringe plungers)…

Another 2016 post…

Read the whole post on this one (not just what I’ve clipped):

So it’s not just about the outside plastic being ruined. Depending on the design (again, we’re talking oooold equipment primarily, up until the pod boom), you can still experience problems due to the chemical composition of certain flavors.


Well, that makes me wonder whether I really wanna be inhaling something that melts rubber and plastics, generally :thinking:

I’m not particularly careful what I inhale either!


I wouldn’t be nearly as worried about that, as I am about what happens when the plastic starts decomposing!

I don’t like the thought of inhaling decomposed plastics.
Read as: being heated on the coil and turning into God knows what new carcinogenic composition. (Since ANY warning I’ve ever read/heard about with regards to melting/burning plastics possibly giving off cancer-causing fumes.)


Even as unregulated as it is, you’d think the FDA would step in for any flavours like that.

Spose that’s the point of being unregulated hmm :thinking:

Even with a glass tank or drippers, there’s still rubber seals swishing against the juice… though usually they’re in a location where the liquid doesn’t really flow too easily.

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Having an effect on certain types of plastic, does not equal having the same effect on the body. Or the concrete. Or the asphalt. Or the top of your snow-shoe. Or the rim your vehicle tire is mounted on. Or… (are you sensing a theme here?)

PS - step away from the paranoia strain of whatever you’re indulging. lol :wink:

If they were known harmful, they’d have been pulled by the same company that made them.
I mean SERIOUSLY. These are the same folks who had NO JUSTIFICATION AT ALL to remove DAAP flavors (in many cases). All thanks to unfounded public fear.


Maybe, though it’s still basically an additive: it’s not like my favourite Milk flavour has plastic eroding properties - we’re just talking about MTS Vape Wizard, and I don’t think any other flavours I’ve got have that warning.

Then again, I’ve ordered a LOT more flavours over the last few weeks and haven’t looked them ALL up in the flavour list.


At least you didn’t get milk that was black! :rofl:

It was quite the event when RF (SC) wheeled that one out of the warehouse. LMAO


It IS indeed Real Flavors Milk! Whatyaknow :slight_smile:

Normal colour though.