I am stuck

Ok. I HAVE to say something to someone anyone , I am completely isolated, it started as a small thing but now im scared to leave the hosue. I really wish soemone here lived close to me because I don’t know anyone here and I can’t do this much longer. Ive never felt like this and there isnt one person. Its scary. Im so far from anyone I know. This sucks and I realize Im a basket case. Theres nothing I can do about that…i have to convince myself to leave its soo hard. Sorry everyone. I just needed to get this off my chest.


You should definitely seek out professional help. Mental healthcare is important. I don’t know your situation but even if you can hit up an AA meeting, where there are likeminded people who are seeking friendship and help. They don’t judge and there might be someone you can connect with. I know here in the US you can dial # 211 and reach the United Way to help with services you need. Feel better and good luck. :pray:t3:


I am sorry that you feel isolated. My very best friend who was the guy partying every day in Highschool and College got from one day to the other the same feeling up to not being finically able to leave his apartment. He passed out regularly when leaving, even with family and friends being out with him.
He got psychological help and things improved. If I am not wrong you’re from Canada and I don’t know the support you can get there, but I assume there is some psychological helpline you could call. They may provide good advice.
Get yourself help, there’s nothing bad about asking for help.
I wish you all the best.


I agree @ladycrooks, especially if you don’t have friends or family close, you need someone else in your corner.


Wellness Together Canada

To connect with a mental health professional one-on-one:

You can also visit Wellness Together Canada to access different levels of support, including:

  • one-on-one counselling
  • credible articles and information
  • self-guided courses and programs
  • peer support and coaching

@ladycrooks it is probably no help to you, but I can share, that I deal with countless people during the day, and from all walks of life. During, and since COVID, I have heard that time, and time again. I know that you are NOT alone, so this is NOT localized to just you.

Repeating the above, reaching out for some assistance, can do a world of good. As you said, you are fairly removed from family and friends, so reaching out, in a different direction is the best way. Rocky posted a great link. I’m truly unfamiliar with Canadian offerings, and/or support to it’s citizens or I could be more help.

I know that Joel got perma banned, and he would actually probably have a lot to offer, maybe @big_vape, or @zippy could fill in a bit here.


Sadly, I’m no help at all with government services. That’s a provincial (like your states) matter.

Coreen, from your last post it looked like you’ve moved. Are you still working? What about work friends or acquaintances to socialize with. Or a walk by a local park (although I know you’ve got snow already). Or if you go to physio still for your leg injury, you might see a friendly face. Or a local FB group.

I don’t think I could stand isolation, so I really feel for you. How can we help you? Discord voice chat ? SD knows we’ve done that before.


You can get help. Agoraphobia is well understood and with some help you can make it manageable. You will have make the move to get help however.


With one quick Google search I found this top of the page…


She also might be in the middle of nowhere, alone, and that started it off…


As opposed to what you said, it’s what you didn’t say that caught my interest. Rather than jump in and give suggestions on how to run run your life, I’d prefer to understand what you’re going through. Why are you isolated? Is it distance or no one but strangers around? New to the area? I deal with knuckleheads all day, so I can understand being scared to leave the house sometimes. They say “go big or go home” and normally I’d rather just go home :grin: So let us know what’s going on. I refuse to jump to conclusions until then


Thanks for the kind responses. Again I am very sorry for even saying anything. I realize this is not the place for it. As for why I felt the need to here is simply because I moved here from a place in Ontario about 90mins north of Toronto called Orillia Ontario and it is population is 37,000 ppl. Compared to here its got me overwhelmed. Also the streets had names and here its all grid. That as dumb as it may sound…that has my head all fucked up. Also the fact numbers scare the hell out of me and i shut down at the sight of them . So in 4 years almost , I have no clue still where i am or how to get anywhere…which is really bad. I know the more straight I become…nevermind the fact I am damn near 40 and have never driven a car in my entire life. …so I have to seriously grow the hell up and learn how to live my life other than waste it. There’s a whole bunch of dumb assness I’ve done and a whole lot of regret for me to learn from instead of dwell on. There you have it. Cats all out of the sack. Everywhere. I am no angel thats forsure. Lol


Well that sounds actually pretty understandable to me, and it does sound overwhelming. I’m sorry about Joel, as he said he would be glad to help, and that’s why I shared that with you.


I’ve lived here in Pensacola for 33 years and still get turned around at times, so I feel ya. My Garmin navigator is often my best friend :grin:


Oh man, I’m so sorry you are going through that. I agree with getting some help for your mental health first. If you are in a city, is there a small coffee shop or bookstore nearby? I ask because one good way to begin to feel more comfortable in a new place is to become familiar with one, very close place. If you walk to a small shop every day and have a cup of coffee, soon people recognize you and you recognize them. Baby steps…


This right here is a good place go start. Everyday when I wake up I think of something I’m grateful for, even if it’s a cup of coffee, or a roof over my head, my health, my animals… waking up with gratitude helps me a lot. Even if it’s the littlest thing, if you’re grateful for it, remind yourself of that. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of things living in your new spot. Get out and explore. Someone else mentioned a book store, maybe a library, a bakery to treat yourself with, a good book, a small treat, or whatever your hobbies are. Animals are good therapists, they’ll keep your secrets… can you get a cat?


@Lynda_Marie no truer words have been spoken!
We take so many things for granted that we forget what a blessing it is to have them; waking up alive, beautiful trees in the fall, a perfect bloom on a random wild flower, that glorious first cup of coffee in the morning, a test mix that came out perfect first try! Thank you for reminding me of this!
@ladycrooks I hope for you the best and I’m sure if you stop and think about it, you’ll find many things to be grateful for and it very well may be those little things are what get you through! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m just the opposite. I enjoy being alone. People are cruel and judgmental. This includes spouse, family and friends. I just enjoy peace with no drama. I have Jesus and that is all I need. No one loves me more and He gives me great peace. We talk a lot throughout the day, and I thank Him each day for the many blessings I receive which includes the known and the unknowns. I hope you find your peace.


Hey @ladycrooks, I’m sorry you’re still going through this.

I can tell you that you can make it better, but it may be difficult. I know because I know of someone who had a similar experience. She moved trying to get away from all the things that were making her feel down not realizing that she would have zero support. She started with calling the local mental health office and going through a few psychiatrists until she found one she was comfortable with. She called a few churches (not heavily into organized religion) and used those meetings to connect with others who felt similar for a variety of different reasons.

At age 50, she got her driver’s license, a car, and a job doing things that strengthened her. House sitting, dog sitting, volunteering with local preserves, women’s support groups etc. When I saw her again, 6 years later, she was a completely different person. Her confidence was amazing. She lost her fear of failure, lost the weight of making bad decisions of her past life and refused to make excuses for anything. None of these changes, had any impact on her generosity to help whoever, whenever she can.

It’s not easy, but if you’re willing to go through some dark places in order to get into the light, it may be well worth it. I hope you can make that change in mindset and get on a path to a healthy recovery. We’ll be here if you need a little help up too.

You got this.


If this can help. The streets run North and south, the Avenues run East and west. As you head North the numbers go up. As you head West, the numbers go up. This way, 133rd Ave is further East than 135th Ave. Same as the streets, 88st is further North than 72nd St. I live on the East Coast so I cannot help with a visit but I lived in Alberta for many years and fully understand the grid lay out of the Prairie “grid system.”