I am very pleased with my first good flavor

I mixed alot of simple flavors and one flavor that was not to simple it’s not not what I was going for but it tastes really good it strawberry peach with a hint of vanilla and it actually taste very good even after only one day of steeping it’s on public recipes as strawberry peach shake first try any tips on making it even better would definitely be great thanks for all the help everyone


Welcome aboard. If you go to your recipe, click the blue wrench and copy as html (text) you can paste it into this thread. I’d show you an example, but it no longer works on my phone due to some kind of Java issue.

Best of luck!


http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1183036/Strawberry%20peach%20ice%20cream%201st%20try couldn’t get that to work so I’m trying this


I couldn’t seem to get copying it as html(text) to work either but I put a link to it in

Welcome and congrats on your first mix ! Since you like it right out the gate why not just let it steep to see where it goes. The LB VIC is very intense it’ll steep to a strong buttery ice cream. LB’s is my favorite VIC to use but I tend to keep it around 2% since I know it steeps strong.

I think overall the recipe looks solid. Try another variety you could always use the blue wrench and adapt a new recipe off of your first one and plug in new flavors since you know you like this blend try adding a new profile in there like Green Apple and take out the VIC maybe add a fresh cream or a cream. Have you got the entire LB starter line ?


No not the whole line but I plan on getting a few more flavors in awhile as long as I can keep making good flavors I might go with different company’s though still not sure it so hard to decide


Congrats on your mix and double-grats on liking it! My first mix could peel paint off a bridge. It was horrible.


Well here’s a list of flavors that are recommended by vendor and I do agree it’s hard to decide !


I do a Watermelon Peach one with vanilla ice cream and one with bourbon flavor. Both are good so I suspect you may be able to do the same thing with your strawberry and peach.


Strawberry peach ice cream 1st try

Ingredient %
Peach Liquid Barn 4
Strawberry - Liquid Barn 6
Sweetener liquid Barn 1
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 3

Flavor total: 14%

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This one?


Yup that is the one I couldn’t seem to get the copy hyml (text) to work

After a few days of steeping I think the next batch I’m gonna have to drop the peach flavor alittle and the vanilla flavor alittle and maybe put the strawberry up alittle to get what I want the lb peach is really strong it seems like it its dominating the other flavors but it’s still good

If you want any comments, ratings, advice and whatever else you’re asking for, it would be nice if you keep your recipe public…