I burnt my lip

So after reading, watching and replaying in my mind I decided to get my OBS Engine working.

After putting the base togetehr and wicking it, all seemed fine.

i put the top on, half fill test fire, seemed a little… limp.

Took a drag and POP!!! Straight on my bottom lip… :frowning:

I believe I didn’t put enough cotton in.

I’ve re-wicked it and stuffed it, still bubbling and pooping away like a good’un.

Where am I going wrong??


Btw, my lip fuckin hurts.

Possibly not enough wick in the coils or you’re flooding the deck. I have two engines and never had them do that.


Could running a single coil be the reason??

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Are you using the nano or the dual coil engine?.

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Sorry about your lip ! Just out of curiosity …is your juice high pg or diluted w/ distilled water ? Sometimes even when we wick and cut our cotton perfectly a thin juice will still sizzle pop and crack.


Thanks hun.

It’s a high vg juice, about 70%. I’m beginning to think it’s beginners luck…


I see well I was thinking of things that have caused me this type of reaction in the past. I hope u get it figured out. Crazy how much of a balance there is in certain builds / decks that have just enough room. The one thing is , is cotton expands so think about that once u do wick again leave some imaginary room for it to fluff up. Go get some popsicles for your lip in the meantime :sunny:


If you’re using the V1 or the Mini, yes. Both the V1 and Mini are for dual coil only. The Engine Nano is the single coil version.

I’ve got the Mini, and I’m running dual 26 gauge 316SS coils(9 wraps, spaced, 2.5 mm I.D.) and it’s a nice RTA. I have noticed I get a bit of flooding/spit back when I fill it too full. Since there’s no juice flow control, there’s no way to keep the air bubble from pushing juice up through the deck. It’s my only complaint with this RTA.

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I’m sorry about your lip! Ouch dammit!

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dont feel bad, @TheTinMan1 did the same thing and now he talks funny.


Rolling on the floor!!!


Wicking is an art and you need to get the hang of it… if you have a hot lava pot like you do, just try and rewick (and re-check for hot spots before you wick again).
Try different coils as well and avoid tight coils. Even after working out hot spots, putting the wick inside can create new hot spots on a tight coil if you tug the wire somewhere. Hot spots are known to start spitting and giving an unpleasant vape.
I don’t know why, but regular claptons have always been mean to me while I have a very smooth vape with a fused clapton.


You are not the first and probably not the last. This is gold


Lipgate Update:
i have a small blister on my bottom lip. I’ve named him Burt.

After laughing at that last vid, I added the second coil and all is right in the world.


Been there, done that


LipGate. (Snicker)


Ok, since no one else has the balls to say it…

The guy in the video…it doesn’t look like that’s the first time he’s done that! There, done :laughing:


When one puts a Hot Spitting PENIS to ones mouth a Burt lip is the lest one should expect.

(Derailed thread)
Safe word (penis) Personal Electronic Nicotine Inhalation System
(What do you call it)


I did try telling the Mrs that but all she gave me was some ice (cold shoulder​)…