I can't find it!

Anyone know where I can find the replacement glass for the SMOK V8 RBA Big Baby Beast? The kit came with an extra glass for the TV8 coils but not the one for the RBA which is a little taller. I searched the internet and just can’t find the damn thing.

am bored will loook quick

Thanks worm1, I’ll give them a try

i like them, had no probs w/ previous orders

Just checked their site and no luck there.

is this what you are after? I didn’t know there was 2 diff size glass tubes for them what are the measurements?
The glass from a different tank may fit

No luck there either. As luck has it, the instructions doesn’t give the measurement on the glass, it just says “replacement glass tube for the RBA”. I had the same idea about finding one that’ll fit, so it looks like that’s the road I’m going to have to take. Thanks for your help guys!

I’ve never bought from them, and also 20-40 days shipping. Rediculous that Smok doesn’t make these available.


Not sure that is the one the rba glass is a little bigger I just had a look at it it is inbetween the cloud beast and the bigbaby standard glass… this one will do the job tho as it is the rba kit stand alone


EDIT : Dont use this link use the link MysticRose posted

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That one says can’t deliver to US though, so it must have come out after August 8th???

Edit: the one I linked has a tab to select rba glass or normal. Does that make a difference? I don’t have the tank, was just trying to help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh damn sorry I missed that yes that is the correct one my mistake

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Still a PITA…20-39 days shipping. Smok is making a lot of customers angry.

Ya my experience with aliexpress is 10 days to au but it depends on the seller but if the seller hasn’t shipped inside 7 days you can get a refund - they just quote worst case senario.

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They have two different sizes at fasttech.

be careful with after market replacement tanks some do not fit right most reviews I have read were not that good so i won’t buy them

Thanks MysticRose for the link! I don’t know but the way it’s lookin I have no other option but wait for the boat to come in. Good eye by the way for finding that!!!

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I did find a lady that can make them. All she needs is the correct measurements in mm. Her price is $7 each with a minimum order of 2. Shipping is an extra $3. So what $17 for 2 including shipping. The price is pretty steep but what can we do, nobody sells them and smok won’t answer back. I took the measurements so I’m gonna give it a shot and hopefully my measurements are correct. Oh BTW, China is celebrating their New Years and it last over a month. Probably why their not answering.