I could use some advice

Hi all, I’ve found a flavour that I love so I want to mix up a batch and maybe save a truckload of cash. Kanzi by twelve monkeys is my new addiction and I’m vaping about 10 ml per day. I’ve seen the one shot concentrates and since I’m a beginner figure this is the best option. So I can get 500ml one shots from flavour boss but I have no clue about nicotine shots. What strength? How much do I add? It’s very confusing. I emailed flavour boss and got a reply that told me nothing other than they don’t sell nic shots. Any advice would be great

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Hey shack…what MG are you aiming for?..and what MG are the nic shots you are gonna use? and also what % flavour is in the flavour boss bottle?..

if you know all that info you can use the ELR calculator to work it out for you :+1:


You can get nicotine at other vendors, Nicotine River is one of the most reliable. If you’re nervous about handling it, you can get lower concentrations that are safer to work with. Personally, I use 24mg base since my nic levels are really low anyway. One thing I would advise though is to find out the shelf life on the 500mls. That’s going to make 2.5 liters. Vaping 10mils a day, this will last you almost a year which should be fine but what if you get sick of it and you’re stuck with a large amount? Do you have friends to sell/give it too? Will it keep for a couple of years in the fridge? I’m not trying to discourage you at all, just save you a head ache later on. Since they give you the recipe anyway, these are the kinds of things to consider.


Hi mizzz, this is another source of confusion. I thought the one shot made 500 ml. Its a all very confusing to the uninitiated. I just want to make 500ml of kanzi in 3mg nic at a 70/30vg/pg. I’m still looking at all the choices in nic strength and base but my brain is overloading

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And I live in nazi Britain so tpd makes everything 10 times harder

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That was another thing I wondered after I posted. @Pugs1970 is already here and also @Lolly might be able to help. I’m in the US and not qualified to advice about TPD.


Tpd has nothing to do with safety. It’s a punitive measure because the government want their cut of the money, it’s rediculous


Buy the highest shots, 20 mg, best buy for your money.

Then you calculate: if you want 500 ml juice with, let’s say, a Nic-strength of 3 mg/ml you have to calculate: 500x3=1500 mg nicotine.

You have 20 mg/ml in your shots. so you need 1500/20=75 ml from your shots.

Each shot has 10 ml. So you need 75/10=7,5 shots.


Rob (from TPD-Germany…)


Hello petal.

Like @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit said [quote=“Mizzz_Z_Hobbit, post:3, topic:144917”]
Vaping 10mils a day, this will last you almost a year which should be fine but what if you get sick of it and you’re stuck with a large amount?

Is this the one you are talking about?


If so it might be worth buying the individual concentrates listed in the recipe in 10 or 30ml bottles and mixing it yourself so you don’t end up with 2.25 gallons of something you go off.

If on the other hand you just wanna go ahead and buy the 500ml bottle of one shot, (assuming you have got vg/pg/Nic shots) your recipe would look like this (using pg Nic won’t get you a 70/30 base though):

Or like this (with vg Nic)

Does this help any?

ETA: Please jump in and correct me if necessary :grin:


No, it is NOT a 500 ml bottle of concentrate. It is Boss Shots for private customers, a big bottle with enough concentrate to make 500 ml of juice. you add PG, VG and Nic to the bottle. Some weird flower blooming over here due to the TPD.
Don’t confuse the OP ^^


If you don’t believe me (I am only over here, and buy those things) here is how they work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCVF3kCVvQs


I withdrew my post. Wind your neck back in!

It is worded badly on the site, hence the confusion.


Somebody who lives in the UK :grin:


The way the site phrases it, it could be taken either way.

“Kanzi Boss Shot (also known as a One Shot) comes in 500ml & 1000ml bottles with flavours pre-blended. This is eLiquid concentrate and is not ready to vape. Flavour Boss supply the recipes mixed to the correct percentages in a bottle ready for you to add Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and/or Nicotine to fill the bottle.”

Is it a mostly empty 500ml bottle with only the flavors added, leaving room for the PG/VG/Nic? Or is it a 500ml bottle of the flavor?


Thanks, and sorry bout that! I’ll delete.

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Super Sweet CAP 0.7%
Marshmallow TPA 4%
Strawberry Kiwi FW 5%
Sweet Strawberry CAP 3%
Sweet Watermelon CAP 7%

That’s a lot of sweetener IMHO

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Mostly empty bottle.

This is because they aren’t allowed to sell pre-mixed stuff (ready to vape) in larger than 10 ml bottles anymore. Super silly :frowning:


Thanks everyone, you see my confusion now :laughing: if I get that shot what nic shot do i put in? Looks like 18mg shots in 10ml bottles are the standard in the UK. I’ve downloaded a calculator and I’ll get my head round that later. I’d love to get this worked out because I’ve been spending obscene amounts of money for piddly little bottles. £5 or £6 for 10ml bloody robbery

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Thanks for the clarification! :+1: It’s so different than the US.


May I suggest that you take a step back and take a breath @RobynRye.
And DO NOT go off on Lolly like that. Just take a breath.


I haven’t done anything to her.