I could use some help with nickel wire

Ok here i go. I have the new wismec dna200. And i have a old mac g5. And i can’t download escribe program. So i got some 24g nickel wire. And no matter how i build my coils. My ohms come out to 0.04. I’ve tried everything i know. And nothing i do changes. Any help would be appreciated

Thx bro. That helps a lot. I won’t play with 24g in that.

I’ve heard of a lot folks requiring a virtual machine program in order to run a Windows based system from within their Mac to fully utilise the Escribe software.

Check to see if this is possible with your G5.


I do not know if I understood correct if not sorry but ni200 nickel tempered or not 2.5 center spaced 26 ga works out to abour.01 per rap 10 raps .1 /.13 dual coil .1 27 raps

Are you meaning the mod is reading all the builds at that or are you using a ohm reader and getting that outcome.

Its the same on the ohm reader as well as 2 different mods. I just went back to SS an TI

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OK was just going to try to help I used nickel until getting into Ti wire but I have not used it since.


Thanks. TI an SS is much better. The TI o have now just seems really dirty. But i got more on the way

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I have just started using it but I ordered mine from Lighting Vapes and it was super clean but I have nothing else to compare it to. I have not tried SS yet but plan to for my VW mods I still use.

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If you get some. You will like it. The nickel would have worked for me but i got the 24g and i should have got 28g. Oh well live an learn. And watching lots of vidios lol