I finally did it!

I’m officially committed to vaping 360! I ordered my coil master v3 today. I also got some tester bottles to start my personal taste testing journal! I absolutely love everything about vaping and mixing! Thank you for all your help here on ELR​:blush: Everyone has been so helpful :kissing_closed_eyes:
Now I hope coil making will come along cuz I’m sick of paying for costly coils!


Coils really aren’t that difficult if you have a coilmaster kit. The regular tight coils are the easiest to make but they’re not really the best for flavor or vapor and you’ll have to mess with it to get the hotspots out…
Instead try spacing your coils (regular wire or special coils). Claptons and fused claptons are going to give you a much nicer flavor, as well as a little more vapor production.

It’s all very easy and saves you a ton of money vs buying everything pre-made. Vaping wire costs peanuts. For beginners, a spool of 26g/28g will do and if you’re thinking of making your claptons, look for 34g to 36g. The higher the number, the thinner the wire.
steam-engine.org for all your resistance calculations.


Thank you! This really helps out


These are from my Deep Water Build.

I wrap on a coiler, then stretch them and squeeze back together again.


Go @Jazzy_girl Go !!!


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This website is like…a vape temple. We all worship at the shrine of the tasty cloud. No one you know will understand this like the people here.