I give you, The Dark Project

This is a series of recipes named after characters from the game “Thief: The Dark Project” I’ve spent most of the spring and summer this year developing these recipes. Please take note of the steeping times in the comments section.

Benny’s Breakfast
The Trickster
Viktoria’s Realm
Basso’s Bananas
Cutty’s Nuts

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, I’d be really happy to hear them. I really had fun developing these, I hope you enjoy at least one of them. :smile:


I commented on Benny’s breakfast regarding the coffee. Is there a certain coffee you used? I am thinking FA expresso would sound nice in this one in its place.

looks like I only had the flavors for 3 of them i’d probably be messing with key ingredients of i tried to sub out too much so. I did Basso’s bananas, Benny’s breakfast and Viktoria’s realm. In crock pot now, then I will spin them in my magnetic mixer and begin the waiting process.

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You were probably commenting right about the time I realized I didn’t include the DIY coffee recipe. It’s now included in the description.

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Just want to say I love the old school Thief games :wink:

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Always nice to hear from another Taffer…

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I don’t have a few of the flavors here but will say the recipes all look very nice. I gots to get me some of that Lemon Sicily!

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So…I must know…Disappointed with the reboot or not?

Funny that you should bring that up. I actually just finished it yesterday. I don’t hate it, but I’m sort of undecided how I feel about it. I thought the guy who did Garretts voice was good.

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Yeah I felt pretty much the same way. It was nice to revist the game…It got a bit repetitive and it was missing a few things but all in all I enjoyed it…
A lot of hate out there though

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I’ve spent the last year playing all the Thief1 and Thief 2 fan missions. I’m down to twenty left. Over the last seventeen years I’ve probably logged more hours playing Thief than any other game. Except possibly Unreal Tournament, 'cause back in the day I was in a UT clan. But now I’m old and my reaction time is for shit. I agree, I find it funny how many people slam the reboot of Thief, it’s not a bad game in it’s own right. I just think Thief has become rather Iconic.

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I really want to go back and play all the old pc games. Granted I’m a little bit…ok a lot older now but those were some good memories! I don’t have a pc gamer set up like I did in my teens/20s but it would be nice to revist…I was also a huge Myst style gamer–
Sorry to derail your juice thread man haha- I need to scope those recipes too :wink:

Those all look very good, Thanks for sharing

I made these on the 21st last month and kept shaking them when I could. I love Benny’s breakfast!!! I knew I would just by looking at the recipe. I will say if you choose to make this one let it steep you will miss out on the chocolate deeping and blending with the creams. The caramel compliements the coffee nicely as well.

Viktoria’s realm is a rich creamy strawberry that has a lemon that seeps through very slight ( for me :smile: ) let this steep and don’t be thrown off by the SB % when you mix it I know I was thinking wow but now that I mixed it I’m thinking wow.

Basso’s Banana’s is cake batter w/ vanilla and banana’s it good just not to much of a cake batter girl use to use it all the time. Beautiful blend thou with the warmth of the banana nut mixing with the batter with the banana getting some richness from the vanilla cupcake. Nice job oldmeat ( now that name ewh Imma have to think of something more refreshing to call you !!! ) Thank you for these wonderful recipes your hard work paid off and shows!