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I got to ask lars a few questions


Well it was an honour to meet @daath the other day and talk to him face to face i got to ask him a few questions that were put forward by our FB group and he was more than willing to answer and was all round a humble guy ( even tho it was about 2am his time). I will apologise now for the quality of my video lol :sweat_smile: and any other quality issues i pass the buck to the Australian government for our crap internet connections :sweat_smile:.
I am putting this in the feed back section so that it may help answer some questions that i already asked but if it needs to be moved some were else please do :grin:



Thanks for sharing :+1:


Nice of you to share. Cool vid.


Groove share. Thanks!


One excellent idea has already been implemented :smiley:


Thanks @daath


Excellent Show ! really enjoyed listening. Alot of information on the video about development past & possible future of ELR per @Lars being the center of the Q & A
Thanks for the link @Benoz


ty for the share , ive never seen this channel ill have to subscribe


@Benoz Thanks for sharing this, as usual, I’m always outta likes, when I need them the most …

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Why am i not surprised @SessionDrummer i don’t think there is one of my posts or comments on here that you haven’t liked and it still gives me the warm and fuzzies lol


Whoa The curtain got pulled back and we actually got to see the Wizard :mage: …there was even some foggy mist. Super Cool! Thx @Benoz for the share


Awesome! I’m studying for an exam in the am, but i’ll try to come back and watch.

you really gotta give it to technology to be able to make this happen!

Thanks, government wiretap!

1940: Careful, the phones are wiretapped!
2018: Hey wiretap, can my cat eat mac and cheese?


Awesome stuff, subscribed :wink:


It was definitely an honor to meet the man that started this platform. Not much else to say, but looking forward to the future and happy to be a part of such a great community. :two_hearts: