I gotta juice review and giveaway 😁

So to give my channel a right good push on subscribers etc

Details for the give away are at the end

Hope you like it folks


Loved your reaction to the Happiness, that was hilarious! Guess it served its purpose cuz it made you smile. :wink: Great video!


I’m diggin’ your videos. Keep it up and thanks for the review.

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Cheers guys…

I’ve been in two minds what to buy nests the hcigar hb40 or the IPv4

I think for functionality I’m going with the IPv4 it’s cheaper and does more but as for asthetics it’s ugly :frowning:

Your vids are great dude, awesome job.
I just got my ipv4 on monday and it may not look super cool but I tell you what…
I fits in your hand great, ergonomically it is perfect. Keep the vids coming man.

I hope you guys watched with the subtitles on, so freakin hilarious! At one point it says that we have to write an essay. Youtube is really bad but pretty good at subs.

Ill have to pass on the giveaway, i won one last week then lost it then won it again last night so i have some free juice on the way from BleuX.

Thanks for the giveaway and video!

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