I have had pretty good luck using liquid barn flavors

After lots of reading & advice I have some good recipes using liquid barn & Capella flavors. Thank you for this forum. :smile:


I bought their DIY kit with the initial 10 flavors and have been able to make just a few mixes. I’m pretty happy so far as well. I’m vaping at 6%nic though so makes a difference there I suppose. Am hoping to find other resources as well though to even better my stuff. Looking forward to hearing what else you come up with too. Good luck.

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Is 60 mg/ml .6% is 6 mg/ml

Their DIY kits leave a little to be desired but they make some very good creams, bakeries and tobacco’s. Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) is IMO the best available, tho there are a couple i need to try.

Can one even select the flavorings in their kits? I cannot see a way to do so and of all the complaints i have heard about LB this is the one that comes up most often.

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their kit is what got me started and you do get to pick the 10 flaves if i only would have known then what i know now


The initial stuff I use is 48mg/100ml and I mix my personal juice to get 6mg nic to better explain what I meant. I hope I didn’t confuse anybody there. Sorry if I did.

Just wanted to clear it up for anyone reading later :+1: - I knew what you ment but someone else may not have.

They have a drop down menu that you get to select the 10 initial flavors you want. Thats what I did and thought was about the cheapest way to get started in making my own juice. Seems pretty good so far. I know there are gonna be more concentrates I’ll need and from other sources but it gave me a good jump.


You were absolutely correct and I’ll have to make sure I’m more careful in that type of reply for the very reason you mentioned, especially when dealing with Nicotine. Thanx for informing me to clarify!!:blush:

Thanks for the info, folks. Much appreciated.


So far the rootbeer with vanilla ice cream is really good together. The orange banana is really good all by itself in my opinion yet I know everyone has their own personal taste. Strawberry& cream too. However, it might make a big difference on how much nic you use. Iam down to 3MG. My adult son loves the Pacific Cooler mixed with blue raspberry. I hope this helps others. At first I had a lot of flops but when I 1st ordered it didn’t really know what flavors worked well with each other. A lot of trial and error. Still new & learning. Couldn’t do it without others recipes & this site.


I think getting strawberry ripe from TPA is a must. Really good with watermelon.

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