I have some flavors. i need recipe

Hi. i have some flavors. i dont know what can i make with them. anyone can help for recipes?

Churro - Capella
Chocolate Coconut Almond - Capella
Waffle - Capella
Marshmallow - Capella
Graham Cracker - Capella
Acetyl Pyrazine
Ethyl Malthol
OMG! - MolinBerry

Add your flavors correctly to your stash as such:


then use this function:



As @MisterSinner suggested if you load them into your stash you can use the what can I make option which will yield a much larger result than just us looking at the flavors.

But !

I do see that you have Churro and while this flavor gets lower points for me when used high ( comes off very play-doh’ like ) when I use it low around the 1-2% mark I can enjoy the rich cinnamon and breadiness that’s it is attempting to recreate.

so Churro can be your spice
graham cracker can be some of the crust ( Caps has the tiniest amount of cinnamon in it’s GC so I wouldn’t go to high w/ this one if your planning on using the churro up higher )

Vanillin is a vanilla scent and I like to keep Vanillin lower it works better and doesn’t mute other flavors this way. So I’d recommend it’s usage in the 0.5-1% mark.

Marshmallow will help sweeten the juice some. so I’d use it at 1%

Chocolate coconut almond is one I haven’t used I have no idea if it comes off more coconut or chocolatey or a strong nut no clue. If you want to incorporate it into the mix for additional depth try it at 2% this should come out as adding more mouthfeel and body then really trying to get this flavor to be pronounced. ( hope this makes sense to you )

OMG Molinberry is supposed to be a soft vanilla & cocoa cupcake looks like the %s on ELR states around 4% is the norm when using this http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/49396

so collectively I don’t know what you’d call this beast but here ya go !

Churro Caps 1-2%
Graham cracker Caps 0.5-1%
Vanillin 0.5 %
Marshmallow Caps 1%
Chocolate coconut almond Caps 2%
OMG Molinberry 4%

I’d probably drop the churro from this as it is more than likely to interfere w/ the coconut but in different cultures ppl like different things so I can only speak for myself you may be accustomed to using spicy things or using a lot of coconut in your daily intake !

Anyway that is what is fun about diy just try to make a small batch first so you really can see if you like it and if you want to make corrections to it you won’t use so much of your supplies.
Hope this helps


I’m not familiar with this vendor but graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate coconut almond sound like they would be awesome together!
Just be sure to make one flavor the highlight of the show and the others the back up singers !