I havw a 90/10 vg pg base and i wanna know if i add 20% of pg flavouring to my 80ml premixed base would the final result come as 70/30 vg pg or not?

90/10 vg pg and 20% of pg flavour would this make the final result 70/30 in a 100ml bottle 80ml vg pg 90/10 and 20% of pg flavouring

Sounds right to me. What about nic? If you use that, you’ll also have to include it in the vg or PG (whichever it is carried in) to that also.
Example 3mg strength, let’s say for example sake it’s in PG.
So, 3% PG based nic(100mg), you’d need that plus 17% flavor to be 70/30

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its premixed at 90 10 though how does the vg drop if its already 90 doesnt the pg just go up or am i being stupid ???

Because it is only 90/10 by itself, once u add the other 20% PG, that lowers the vg %
Like watering it down. But PG lol

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im over thinking this , my head is kind of boggled lol i keep thinking how does something drop if its not being taken away and yiur adding pg , i get how it works when i mix from straight vg than pg and my flaves but either my brain is shot or my weekend has been so full of arguing i just want to argue lmao , do you see what im saying at least

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i think i need to go to bed lmao , i seriously just though some one opened my front door and walked in than out LOOOONGWEEEKEND GOODNIGHT

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Because it’s % not measurements directly. So if u make one % higher the other has to go lower to stay at 100% total you aren’t taking any vg away, but it will be a lower % of the total mix once you add the last 20 in, it would lower the vg Total% to 70

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i get it lol ty shutting down my friend ttyl

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Night man sleep well

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You would have 80 ml of base originally @ 90/10

divide the 80ml by 10 = 8 and divide the ratio by 10 so you have 9/1 then times the 8 by 9/1 giving you 72ml of VG (9x8) and 8ml of PG (1x8)in your original base?

you have 72ml of VG and 8ml of PG in your base already I assume including nicotine. You want to add 20ml of flavouring? to make it a round 100ml, or 20% of flavouring to 80ml which is 16ml so 96ml of finished liquid

If 20ml added to your 80ml you will end up with 72ml of Vg and 28 ml of PG and Flavouring (20ml of flavouring and 8ml of PG) so a 72/28 ratio

if 20% added to your 80ml you will end up with 72 ml of VG and 24ml of PG and Flavouring (16ml of flavouring and 8 ml of PG) will leave you roughly a 75/25 ratio

I think thats right :slight_smile:

It all depends whether you are looking at 20% flavouring in 100ml of finished liquid


20% flavour added to 80ml of base


Guys its 0mg so theres no nic so what u are saying is that the final result will be 72/28 arounf that vg pg if i add 20% of flavouring which is pg based

Basically you are beginning with 80ml made up of 72ml VG and 8ml PG and then adding another 20% PG in flavouring (16ml) so:

this is the answer (I think) you are looking for :slight_smile:


@bluenose63 is right (although it hurt my brain to read that… :joy:) I let the calculator do the work!


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off the the subject but ive been wondering what your pic is , and then the other day i came across the movie lol it has had me guessing for months

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It’s a windows program (Juice Calculator) that I use to maintain recipes and ingredients I have/use/want to make. I just plugged in what they were asking about and took screen shots of what it said you would need to use or what the outcome would be.