I’m ordering from Nomz for the 1st time

So I’m ordering from Nomz for the first time. For new SSA I’m ordering cookie (crumble type) and waffle (with butter) and Devon Crean rebranded. It seems silly to only order 3 things. I see Sasami and SA, I’ve never tried anything from either one. Would you mind dropping some recommendations? I’m a lover of all things vanilla, custard, ice cream, cake, donuts, caramel, butterscotch, toffee etc. and darker fruits, red berries. Also are any of the one shots good?


I think Sasami Apricot could be worth a shot. See here in the recipe notes: Apricot Dream recipe | All The Flavors


Must haves: Malaga Ice Cream, Waffle Dough
Very Good, will reorder: Cherry Delight
Fine, will use them occasionally, but i won’t reorder: Vanilla Custard, Lemongrass, Hot Chocolate, Grape Nymph, Apricot (everyone will tell you this is a must have, but not for me)
Meh, will hardly ever use them: Strawberry, Orange Liquor, Acerola Cherry,
Garbage: Loganberry (but others love it; i get a specific offnote in many berry flavors (of various brands) due to some chemical they use for berries, so you might give it a try)

Solub: Banana Flambe is a must have and Beignet (Donut), Caramel (but when reordering i’d rather pick Caramel Beurre), Honey and Raspberry are all great, SB is fine, while Toast not so much. You can miss SA one shots; you’d make better ones.


Thank you!


You’ll love Nomz - the service is great, the prices reasonable, the choice is wide. I’ve been buying from them for a couple of years & never any problems.
I’ve only tried Sasami Apricot and it is the best apricot for me so far (I have 5 or 6 different apricots).
Most SSA flavors are good, I use some 25 of them rregularely.
Hope it helps.


I know it’s probably too late now but I just saw this……if you haven’t already ordered….SSA Butterscotch Rich Type is worth picking up. Actually I think it’s spelled Butterschotch on the bottle, but Butterscotch in the db, or something like that. But the ‘rich type’ is different than the original


It’s actually not too late. I’m ordering this week. I love butterscotch, so I’ll add that. I have crumbly cookie and waffle with butter so far. Thanks!


Yes! I have a bunch that have become my favorites! I love their shortbreads and biscuits, caramels and creams. Thanks!


I don’t want to get out of control with suggestions, but Soft Waffle is also delightful


Some good info here. To not open another thread for this - what are some best new SSA @NeonKoala, @Lynda_Marie, others? I hear (too) many are great again, so pls mention just those top 4-5 for easier choice (and CSC?). Thx.


I already feel like I should put some kind of disclaimer…the listed flavors to follow are only my opinion, and I’m sure not everyone will agree, these are just some of MY favorites, lol. Ok if we’re only talking about newer SSA, I love Flakey Pastry (if you’ve tried their Cheesecake on Graham, that darker note in it, it’s the Flakey Pastry). I also like the Sweet Banana, and both new Pineapples (Pineapple Sweet & Ripe Pineapple). And then I’ll put Soft Waffle on this list. Believe me, I want to keep going! SSA has had a lot of good ones lately (and a few not so good), but you asked us to keep it to 4-5 (which was VERY hard to do btw!) :relaxed:


The Crumbly Cookie is good, but I didn’t end up using it as much as I thought I would. I shares a lot of similarities with SSA Shortbread Cookie, which I like, but they’re almost too similar. I usually just grab whichever is closer, because I find them to be interchangeable. (Again, just a personal opinion). Also, the Coconut with Chocolate I think you could do something great with! The one public recipe I have with that in it is a custard recipe, which is 100% your wheelhouse! I can only imagine what you could do with that flavor :relaxed: