I made a Rookie mistake Drop 1.5 RDA

So, I was online and looking at the new Drop 1.5 RDA and saw one for a ridiculously low price. I had both of them in my cart (or so I thought) and my computer crashed reloaded and bought the cheap one. I was really tired or I’d have paid more attention. I’m assuming this is a clone, so was curious if anyone else had ordered the clone of this and had any luck?


Wow I cant believe they have a clone of that Rda


yeah and thankfully it was cheap so if it’s a complete failure I’m not out much money LOL


I feel like it’s more likely you bought it from China and it will just take 2 months to arrive. If you see clones of £35 atomisers they’re usually just from the same factory and unbranded.

If. Heap is like $18 - I’d say Chinese order surplus. If cheap was like $7. Maybe a clone but that’s surprising.

Good clones go for 25-35 now on fast tech. Things like copper vape (who do pretty much 1:1 copies to the point I wonder if they have inside people at factories?


No need for corporate espionage at the factories. It’s not surprising to have one factory manufacturing for multiple companies. For instance, the Ulton factory has been manufacturing SXK for some time now. Do you really think there’s a separate line for Ulton clones and SXK clones? No way, too expensive. The 1:1 factor can be design specific. Shenray makes a 1:1 Dvarw MTL FL which is cheaper than YFTK or SXK. Coppervape makes some 1:1s depending on the design, too. Like the Project X. But I don’t think it can be said that one particular clone manufacturer makes all their designs 1:1. Depends on the device. If you really want the skinny on clones read the community forums on FT. Those members are scrupulous and unforgiving when it comes to their clone purchases. Some have been known to call up the factories to speak with management. Lol, that’s why I know all this.


@muth what does “FL” stand for in this context?
I’m gonna talk to you before my next clone purchase, if that’s ok😉


Facelift. It’s a vast improvement over their previous MTL Dvarw.

Sure, I’m happy to talk with you, Jim. Won’t mean I’ll be able to answer your inquiries, but I’ll try.


I think in the cases of many clones, at least outside of vaping, products are literally identical but unbranded / rebranded.

For example an ex’s mother worked at a wholesaler who took denim jeans from China which were made for a big brand and sewed on labels before they went to the big brand. For sure those same Jeans were sold on canal st or similar with a label one letter off, sometimes slight defects were sent in by the brand to secondary shops. When the stock was not sold they would get the jeans back and remove the labels before selling them to secondary outlets with other labels.

So I wasn’t really thinking corporate espionage as much as “mafia” type setup where they just took raw unbranded products and shifted them into a new packaging!

I know with copper vape they contacted me off a web forum when I bought a higher end rta, and asked me if I would loan it to them for a week. I declined but they then went down to, can you take photos next to rulers etc. So I guess it’s some of everything.

You’re right, none of the brands seem to be factory line for everything f but boy they have some clones down perfectly. I have a skyline clone that’s indistinguishable from the authentic - too bad I don’t like that rta!


huh, learn something new every day.


:rofl: That’s annoying! I bought the KF V5 clone by YFTK and it’s not only indistinguishable from the OG, it’s better! When reviewers were saying that I didn’t believe it. The original Kayfun had lousy threads on the top fill cap for some reason. Very surprising.


Geez, they were too cheap to buy one for themselves? I would view that as an investment in my clone company. Then they wanted you to take pix next to a ruler? Lol, You probably could have charged a commision on their forthcoming sales. That’s the craziest thing I ever heard. But what do I know?


I do t think it was money, it was a lottery rta via Facebook so getting one relied on them hiding themselves and getting chosen. Yah the photos thing is apparently often how they engineer. They sent a long list of instructions but again I passed. Probably hypocritical as I’ve bought clones