I made a thing

Hello! Firstly Im new, please be kind but please do shout at me if Im doing something wrong!

Been mixing for a few months and Ive only just come up with something that Im proud of… would love feedback if anyone fancies making a sample?

Basically I wanted a peanut butter type vape, so came up with this: Lazy Sunday (Peanut Butter S&V) I think its good as a shake n vape (I know, the horror!) but does get better after a few days.

Would love to know others thoughts or ideas on how to improve.


Let me get this straight…you want us to shout at you in a kind way? Ok…WOW, THAT’S AWESOME! THANKS FOR SHARING!! :wink:

Kidding about the yelling, but not about the recipe. Looks really good. I don’t have the Nonna’s cake but as soon as I do, I’ll give it a whirl. I love peanut butter vapes so I’m looking forward to this one.


We’re always kind! ELR also stands for Extremely Likeable and Reasonable. I don’t have Nonna’s cake either but I think @authormichellehughes does, maybe she can chime in here, and your recipe looks good :grinning:


Thanks! It looks very good! I have all those except PB by Flavorah - I only have TPA - I’m guessing it will in no way be as good as the “real” recipe - Any input?

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I actually looked at that recipe before you came on here because of the Nonna cake :slight_smile: It looks like a great recipe, wish I had all the flavors to make that one :slight_smile:

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My first version was just useing TPA Peanut Butter, it’s nice but a little chemically, think TPA PB needs a good breathe and a couple weeks steep before it starts to taste good. FLV PB is nuttier and has more mouth feel, to me anyway.

Think that maybe swapping out the FLV PB for some other nut could be good, like a hazelnut? My flavour concentrates are very limited at the moment so I’ve not got a wide selection to work with.

I need more Flavorah! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It looks like good things could come out of subbing it with some other nut as you say - perhaps Butter Pecan (FW) :smiley: