I miss 'that bite'

Hi mixers,

I’m trying to get a proper Castle Long clone, I’m actually following exactly the very good recipe from EWS
It taste nice and very similar but, comparing with the original side by side, it misses the darkness, the depth and that unique Castle Long’s BITE!
I tried it fresh made, 1 week old and 2 weeks old also, with different VG/PG % but I’m missing that connotation I love.
Just wondering what else is missing, a spice maybe?

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I’ve never had the original so I can’t compare. I do love me some of @EWS’s Castle Long clone, though. If you want bite there are a couple of things you could try. Cinnamon (I’d recommend FA’s ceylon or Flavorah’s Rich for a bakery cinnamon), FA has a black pepper that might work, FA also has an additive called flash, but I think that is more for throat hit, or you could try adding something like Inawera’s Tobacco DNB, FA Glory (nutty tobacco), Dark for Pipe, etc. if it is the tobacco bite you’re after. If the latter, @Kinnikinnick might be able to shed some light on a tobacco that would have that bite and fit the profile of the vape better than I would.


I was thinking maybe a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar ?? Or like @JoJo has mentioned maybe there’s a combo involving a tobacco that can aid in giving it a bite.


Me either. I just took the flavor profile, which I read about, and created my own version of what I thought it would taste like.

I liked it a bunch; turned out to have a nice throat hit.


I’ve made that recipe a few times and it gets stronger as time goes on. I always give it at least 4 weeks and it’s where I think it needs to be, but I’ve never tried the orig so I can’t compare. Less than 4 weeks and it tastes kind of bland.


It looks like I’ve got a new recipe to try. :slight_smile:

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Is not the throat hit that is missing, it just that taste ‘sting’ … difficult to explain,
I wish you could have taste the original …
I will wait more weeks and see how it will evolve or eventually try with a little cinnamon maybe
Thanks everybody

yes, bland is just the correct definition for the taste right now, will try to wait longer, thanks

Ok, here again, after 4 weeks the juice is much better, still missing that something …
and that something I’m quite sure is CINNAMON, I can feel it in the original, not much really
but it must be there.
Thanks @JoJo for the hint! Ordered FA Cinnamon Ceylon, will try and keep on here

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cinnamon sounds like a good idea. I’ve been meaning to make this again, so maybe ill throw a drop or 3 of rich cinnamon in it this time.

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