I miss The E-Juice Makers - Mallow Graham flavor


I need help!! Since Chefs stopped selling most of EJM, I have not found EJM - Mallow Graham flavor anywhere to buy online, I have not found the recipe anywhere either. Can anyone help me get my ADV back(recipe, shortfill, e-juice, oneshot or anything…)?
Since english is not my primary language, I am sorry if it is crappy written :wink:


Those guys are usually pretty awesome… PM them, use reddit, discourse (DIYorDIE) and ask for the recipe if it’s no longer available.


Thank you:blush:

I will try that right away!


Sorry for the late reply.

I did contact Apexified at EJM and It was no problem getting the the recipe, so now I’m a happy vaper again! :smiley:

Thank you so much @anon28032772 for pushing me the right way!


Great to hear that you still vape and that those guys were indeed as awesome as I said :grin:

Not really my profile but just wondering, how much sweetener did they use?


I’ve been vaping and staying away from ciggs for almost 2.5 yrs now and I’m very proud of my self!! lol :laughing:

They seem very awesome and I really like some of they’re recipes. I was sorry to see most of they’re flavors was taken out of the shelves at Chefs, but I recon they need the place for new awesome flavors.

Pretty much sweetener, 1% Super Sweet CAP :candy: :doughnut: :lollipop: :cookie:

What is your profile then?


I was just asking because a lot of people want to know what they put in the commercial liquids. Too much of a coil killer for me, I rarely use any sweetener or other additives these days.

For the moment it’s mostly tobaccos and creams for me with the occasional “something else” for variation. Liquids with mainly cookie or cake flavors make me gag these days due to a couple recipes that were heavily overflavored. That doesn’t mean I don’t use them as a hint of flavor in a recipe, same with fruits, but those are never really the main flavors.


Yeah, it’s a bit coil killer. I’ve been using the Wotofo Profile Unity for some time now and I burn my mesh clean about once a week to keep the flavor on the liquids.

I enjoy cream flavors too. Any tips on a good cream recipe? Tobacco flavors I am going back to once a while, but it has to be with a hint of nuts in it. Wanna share which tobacco recipe are you at right now?


This is the main basis, but I dial down the lime to 0.05% instead of 0.07%
Another variation I really like is to leave out the lime and replace it with 0.1% fig flv

Another one I regularly vape is

Thanks to the RY4 Double, this is a real coil killer though, pretty sweet too.

Another one I like is the popular Goofy’s Juice, it’s a more nutty RY4


Thanks! :+1:

Maybe I will try the Vanilla Smoke and the Smoky Blue’s, seems good. I will have to get the Red Burley and Lime Wedge flavors.

I have tried the Goofy Juice, it was ok, but not the right tobacco flavor for me. A bit too nuts for me maybe :stuck_out_tongue: