I must confess my feelings for you

Greetings to all of you! This will be a simple message! I started DIY 2 weeks ago, and let me start by saying that the whole experience is much much more fun that I thought it would be! However, I have to confess, my attempts at custom recipe creations have been nothing short of horrible!!! (Don’t worry, all are set to private) However, I had a ridiculously good time making all the awesome juices recipes you posted. Seriously, some of the juice some of you are creating is so good it makes me wonder why I ever want to buy a premium e juice bottle again.

At first, I was kind of disappointed at not being able to create myself something enjoyable, but after testing your recipes, I had the thought that there is nothing wrong just being a copycat for a while. I’m still saving a ton of money and get superb quality ejuices. Maybe I’ll get some more experience before attempting recipes again.

So anyway, thank you all for your awesome crafting and I just wanted to tell you I will keep stealing your recipes for a short while to come… MOUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Happy Friday!


I think that’s how most of us begin. The next step is that you start to adapt recipes because you just get this feeling that it would be awesome with just a little something or other added. :yum:

Then the floodgates open and you’ll mix your own, or not, some people never do.
You got to have a feeling for it, like cooking.
I’m missing some genes in that department. :woman_cook:

Nobody minds if you steal their recipes as long as you don’t pass them off as your own :sweat_smile:


That’s exactly how I started. I borrowed recipes from here, /r/diy_eJuice and ATF just to get a feel of what went with what and how to measure/weigh out everything(Had to scrub the rust off my Chem 101 notes to remember how to use a damn scale!)

I’ve just now started testing flavors one by one. This is(in my opinion) a crucial step in knowing your flavor arsenal-While I’ve managed to cludge together one decent recipe on my own(Still needs an odd tweak here or there before I let it loose on the world) I’ve made some horrible tasting mistakes. So I decided to go back to square 1 and actually test the flavors I’m working with. I’m 10 flavors in(Of about 170) and it’s really beginning to click already.

Welcome to the rabbit hole-Cheers!


When you share knowledge with others.
You are not giving them everything.
Rather a foundation to build upon and to make greater.
Terry Mark quote

Adapted by Mark T.


I can certainly relate to this being a guitarist and diy mixer myself … when I was first beginning to learn to play the guitar, I studied songs and techniques of the players that inspired me way before ever writing my own licks and riffs. Mixing e-juice is really no different in regards to studying techniques of the mixers that inspire you. Learn from them and use their techniques until they become your own … You will get there. Practice and patience is key but remember … practice does not make perfect! Perfect practice makes perfect!


And over 2 years later i still make crap juice lol , not every recipe will be great , just keep trying , and dont forget to do the homework ( testing and notes ) this will help you , look at what others are doing with the flavors you want to mix with , you will get there time and patience my friend


i did the same thing , i think i was about 150 or so flaves into it b4 i started testing now anything i get gets mixed asap


You will figure out your own by osmosis… and hanging around here of course.


I was the same way with guitar and diy

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Funny you mention that as I am also a musician myslef. I play bass now in the band, but also do all the musical arrangements in Pro Tool. Everything I learned about music production came from copying our producer’s techniques and asking questions about his methods during studio lessons. Now that know the stuff on top of my head, it’s way easier to figure out what to do to achieve the desired results.

I do photography and it’s the same deal. And also the same for astronomy! I just can’t stop learning new stuff, it’s like an obsession. I’m sure there’s a lot of people like me here.

Thanks you all for all the likes and responses, this community is really welcoming ,:blush:


I have not purchased commercial juice in over 3 years. A lot of the recipes that people share here are as good or better than the grossly over-priced premium shit. Especially when you do a cost analysis.
And as us bikers say…"It’s not the destination, it’s the journey!"
Have fun on your journey.


It’s a great way to keep the brain young and adding new connections between neurons! Hooray for happy, healthy brains!


Ditto! I was just going to make a statement to that too. If you’re not learning anymore then your no longer living.


I try to learn one new thing every day-it doesn’t matter how trivial, just like new stuff!


When i first started mixing i learned to love menthol. If a juice came out unfixable i would just add menthol until it was all i could taste. This drove me even harder to get this stuff right, soooo much menthol, so i started reading some culinary ebooks and visiting sites.

One thing you pick up right away is that you have got to know what the ingredients taste like to build your own recipe of any kind, food or vape. IMO this is why single flavor testing is still very relevant despite all the tasting notes available. Each companies flavorings taste different, while one companies strawberry might be similar to another you can bet that there will be a strawberry that tastes much different than the other two you tried. That is where peoples tasting notes comes in, guide you to the familiar. Your single flavor tests allow you pick the strawberry, or combination of, that bests fits your needs and to fine tune the mixes to your exact tastes.

And remember in each failure there is a lesson, notes, notes and more notes in the beginning. And write them by hand to help them imprint in your long term memory better. After awhile you wont need to do more that jot some quick scribbles. Knowing what every flavor tastes like on its own helps you quickly put together a mix that may only needs a couple small changes or none at all.

It all seems like a lot but it is totally worth it, being a copycat will help as well.

Oh, ive been doing this a few years now and i absolutely make some horrible mixes still. Only now i just dump them out and start over, hehe.

Sorry for the wall of text and remember to enjoy the journey!


So very familiar @Violins77. I too began this wonderfull journey just a few months ago. Made some pretty horrible juice but found some pretty wonderfull recipies here. It does indeed get easier.