I need help maximizing flavor in my recipes

They taste OK but are missing a “wow” factor you get from Unicorns Milk.
Here are a couple of my recipes. All flavors are by Flavor West, Please advise

70/30 Mix
9% Banana Strawberry
8% Blueberry Graham Waffle
5% Mango
4% Madagascar Vanilla
4% Marshmallow

80/20 Mix
10% Blueberry Cotton Candy
5% Marshmallow
3% Madagascar Vanilla
2% Ethyl Maltol

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He said he’s using all FW. I don’t have experience with some of those flavors, so not sure how to help him.

That’s a bad habit of mine, not reading all the way thru. Thanks.

Hi Bradleyb5155
I was wondering do you typically vape high percentage juices the first one had 30% in it that alone can mute the flavor and have a dull taste to it. The old saying is not too little and not too much so finding the perfect ratio for each flavors to compliment each other is key ( and what we’re all looking for ! )

Madagascar vanilla is a powerful flavor I’d ( if me ) would scale that back to about 1.5-2% it has its own unique flavor. The Marshmellow and mango if your hoping for them to peek through and not be a standout flavor try them around the 2-3% and as far as the waffle it is a prominent flavor possibly can overtake the whole recipe try in the 5-6% and straw nana is I’m guessing your lead flavor your hoping for maybe play with that one too haven’t used that one in a while something tells me it’s heavy on the naner side so it’ll steep and be stronger than when you started so try and start lower and work up to 9% if you need it. Just a suggestion I did not look at any of the suggested ratios for these so just going off gut instinct.

As for the 80/20 mix if I were you I’d only make this in small batches like 3-5 mls Bc with time the cotton candy and EM ( essentially the sane ingredients used at different concentrate levels ) this will for sure mute and taste like a weak sugar over time dulling the whole batch.


Even though I don’t have some of those flavors, overall, it seems you may
be using too much flavor. Especially on that 70/30 mix.30% total flavor is
just way overboard in my experience. Try toning it down to like 17 or 18%.
Also, how are you mixing? Shaking the bottles? Using a frother?
Do you heat your liquids?
How long are you steeping your juice before using?


thanks for the input

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Hope it didn’t come off as critical not what I intended.

I have tried heating, shaking, leaving in drawer. What do you suggest. I usually just leave them in drawer for a week


I have my own method. I use a magnetic mixer that the batch ( PG VG Nic ) has been warmed spin it then pull from that large batch that’s still warm drop my flavors into it bottle it shake it then a few warm baths in a small crock pot ( it gets extremely hot so I have to keep taking the temp of the water and turning it off ) then shake one more time and open the top and let it sit open for a few hours then shake once more and put away in my drawer. Then it’s a daily shake and depending on the flavor a waiting game. Some use frothers some ultrasonic ( I have one too just using the mixer ATM ) some use their own smoothie mixer/ blenders ) depends what you have as a resource !


@bradleyb5155; Sometimes the hardest part of DIY is the waiting period after the mix. Steeping can be a bummer, but makes for a tasty juice!


On this one I most definitely agree with @Amy2. EM is cotton candy and I’m guessing is being added to sweeten. To look at this mix it is doubtful more sweetening is needed. Marshmallow, most of us around here use marshmallow for sweetening. I personally never use it anymore than 2%. I personally have gotten away from using cotton candy for mixing because I have learned that it mutes the other flavor in the mix. Honest truth, I would scrap this one, just too much EM and sweetness…

The other recipe may have potential with tweaking. Again @Amy2 is correct. 30% flavor is too much. I never blend flavoring more than 24% BUT, it’s rare I use more than 20% flavor. Also, many times I’m not a fan of premix flavor for instance the Banana Strawberry and the Blueberry Graham Waffle. I’m always wondering if they are using added EM (Cotton Candy) which can weaken other flavors. You might try at least with the Banana Strawberry adding those flavors separately. Hope this helped a bit…


Thanks Amy for your input!
Do you have any recipes on this Forum that I can try and make?

Thank you

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Yes I am Amy*** on the site if you search for fat kid then you’ll see me it’s an original enough name of a recipe that you will find me.

This is me just a link to my page