I need help with base's components

Hi, i’m making e-liquid for myself for couple of month. I bought base from diy-ejuice 2 times. First time i’ve used 36mg vg base, second time i bought 48mg vg base, VG and PG i’ve bought from the same seller. When i mixed with first base - liquid was very nice, very mild with nice taste (final strength was 6mg), now i’m using new base with old flavor and liquid is terrible - very strong, flavor is very strong and i would say taste “chemical”, but final strength is still 6mg. What could be wrong? Is it possible that something is wrong with one of the bases components? I’ve never left my liquids to steep before, now i’ve tried, but it doesn’t change the taste at all.

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I would (if I were you) start with the very basics to locate the possible issue. By that I mean, mix a small 10 or 15ml batch of 30/70 pg/vg “clean” sample with no nic or flavorings and vape it… this will help ensure that the problem isn’t the pg or vg. Then if that goes well with no problems, make 2 samples of 6mg/ml nick one with your 36mg base and one with your 48mg base… vape these and see if there was/is a abnormality with these clean nic juices. If you still do not have an issue as you were experiencing. You know there is something going on when your adding flavors.


Very much what @CallMeTut said. The best way to figure out what is going on is a process of elimination. Vape a bit of straight PG, straight VG, and make some unflavored juice that’s just PG/VG, and nic. If all of those ‘taste’ fine (or at least taste like little else other than sweet) your problem is with your flavors.

If I had to guess based on what you’re saying, I’d say it’s the nicotine since that is what has changed. As a side note, do you shake your nicotine very well before you use it? Nic base can kind of separate and you’ll wind up with hot spots that are a much higher concentration of nic. If you don’t shake and one of those gets in your liquid, your liquid will be much higher than 6mg and that could definitely cause it to be harsh.


Bad VG or PG is my guess. (I’ve had bad luck with VG until I found Essential Depot)

Vape the VG straight away (no flavoring to test it) cut it with 4% Distilled Water first and see what you think. Then test your PG.

@JoJo is right, if you get a hotspot (YUCK and potential victim of screaming nicotine pass out headache)

I lost 900 ML of VG a few weeks ago because I didn’t shake the Nicotine correctly into a 200 ML batch I was making. The only way I could save the 200 was to add extra flavoring and VG to my goof and then shake it to keep my base level at 4.5 MG.


I’d guess VG, PG, or contaminated bottle.


I’ve mixed some base without nic - taste is much better, today will shake my nic and try again.


It is important to shake the Nic, and the flavors well just before you use them. If your skipping that step that may be the problem.

I think something is wrong with nic - i’ve shaked it well, but liquid is terrible again. Are there any another sellers in Canada, who sell nic bases?

what brand nic is it?

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Nicotine River Ships to Canada, not sure if you’ll have any issues with customs or anything. They are a great company to work with if you want more info just PM @Nicotine_River, Grant will take good care of you .

Oh yeah and their Nicotine is Nic Select, the best in my opinion.