I need to learn about some flavors

I have this notion, that I need to learn about certain flavors…and I figure I should just whip up some small batches of juice, like maybe 5 or 10 mils, with just a single flavor in it. But I feel like I need guidance on how much percentage to put in each one. Some of the flavors I feel I need to learn are:
honey, dulce de leche, ethyl maltol, acetyl pyrazine, and maybe even smooth, sour and a few others…
yeah, it might be a crazy idea, but, that’s just the kinda guy I am…so, anybody wanna help me?

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2 ml of VG is about all I use to do taste tests with new flavors. Using 15ml bottles, I add the flavoring, usually at about 5% to start, warm it up with a hot rice bath, shake, drip it on an RDA with a tad bit of cotton in the coil and vape away! 2ml of juice is all I need to determine what’s happening with the flavor. Sometimes I’ve let this 2ml sit for a few days if the initial taste test is foul and come back to it later.

With the exception of Ethyl Maltol or Cotton Candy in a more recognizable name those are not STANDALONE FLAVORS. In other words they are used for mixing. By all means mix up Cotton Candy as a standalone. Do not use it as a mixer and don’t use it for a sweetener as many think it can be used (It will weaken other flavors)! That being said, this is what you do. Go to the recipe page where you get to look at everyone’s recipes. Left side of the page near the top is the search box. Type in your flavor and being you need info specific to the flavor you have purchased, type in the manufacturer…Like This…

Honey (TFA)

The search results will bring up recipes containing the flavor. Click one of the recipes and then click on the flavor. It will have info about the average mixing usage (% rate) and the average use in percentage for a standalone flavor. You can also see this info in your flavor stash if you have the flavor added to your stash. I think you’ll find this less work and less costly than mixing these flavors (except cotton candy which is a standalone).

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I’m so bad about not filling in the single flavor % space! : (

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Now Jimmie, your being a bad boy again. You better not let mommy hear that…lol

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You mean Honey (TPA) :wink:


Actually The Flavor Apprentice is supposed to be the flavors division as you know. PA is supposed to be their perfumer’s line which they call Perfumer’s Apprentice. Many of us DIYers call them TPA. Let’s confuse this even more. Their bottles say FA for flavors. I’m guessing their perfumer’s line bottles probably say PA. Soooo, I ask you, what do I mean? I have gotten into the habit of calling them TFA for The Flavor Apprentice hoping this is correct. In that back of my mind I’m thinking these guys are almost as bad as Nicotine Labs (formerly Flavor Envy, formerly Vapor Shots). I’m easy, I’ll call them anything they want but I do wish they would make up their mind…

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I realize that the flavors I mentioned aren’t standalone flavors, but reading a description or reading someone’s recipe percentages aren’t gonna give me that actual knowledge of WHAT the flavor TASTES like…I mean, I want to KNOW, first hand…I understand that my approach is quite possibly unorthodox, but, I simply must know. I’m willing to make a few bad decisions to get the right feel…so, on that note, should I try a 5% on a 2 ml? Or will it vary from flavor to flavor?

This is good. Keep in mind I did not know you knew that.

This is what I thought you were asking for. Just trying to help…

There is a little about some of the additives you mention here: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/master-mixers-tips-and-tricks :smile:

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2ml in a 15ml bottle?? Why is that?

True, I know - but on ELR, TFA is called TPA - if you add a TFA flavor, it will be merged into the TPA-one :smile:

Damn, I can’t wait until I get that issue fixed ;D hehe

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I don’t intend to be rude or disrespectful, I just come off strong…my apologies

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We just have to learn not to sweat it when companies can not make up their mind as to what to call themselves. I just feel bad for the noobies cause it makes it real hard on them…

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That was a good read, thanks, but it still leaves me out on the actual taste…

That is OK . Hands Shaken!

I don’t think you are realizing the info you seek is right in front of your face. Go to any recipe, click on any favor, and THERE is the info you seek for starting percentages…

Click here for Cotton Candy (TPA) or if you like EM

This is the info I speak of and it can be quite handy sometimes. Once you have a place to start you can mix something to taste…

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I have scads of 15ml bottles which I use to make test batches of a full recipe. I have found that 15ml worth of a test mix on an RDA is just enough for me to experience what I might need to tweek on the next version.

So, as I said previously, when just getting a taste of a new flavor, I only need about 2ml worth of mix to see what the flavor is all about; mixing up 15 ml of a single flavor, for me personally, would be a waste.

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Which ones? The page describes the taste of EM and acetylpyrazine, sour (malic acid) is… well sour :smile: Honey (TPA) is floral honey in low concentrations and changes, according to many, to cat piss at higher concentrations :smile: Dulce de Leche taste a bit like dulce de leche (sweet milk) :smiley:

I think what I am trying to say is that I need to just taste them and I was asking for safe percentages…like honey, for instance…I wanna try the honey in the floral honey percentage, and definitely not in the cat piss percentage…and the acetyl pyrazine, I wanna try that in a percentage that is not Frito, lol…
I guess I could have worded this all a lot better from the get go…I want to experience each flavor by themselves so as to understand it enough to use it and enough to recognize it…in the safe and enjoyable percentages

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Do you mix by weight (scale) or drops?